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You should come out: "My Big Gay Italian Wedding"

My Big Gay Italian Wedding
My Big Gay Italian Wedding
My Big Gay Italian Wedding

This is one hilarious, entertaining, well-written, and well-casted show! Written by and starring Anthony J. Wilkinson, “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” is an off-Broadway production featuring outrageous gay and Italian characters, and satirizing the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage. Wilkinson plays Anthony Pinnunziato, who is planning to marry his boyfriend Andrew Polinski (played by Brandon Goins) in a traditional, Italian ceremony. Mrs. Pinnunziato (Donna Castellano) demands that the ceremony be performed by Father Rosalia (Chad Kessler), and that Andrew’s estranged mother be present, which causes Anthony’s friends (played by Rocco DeFinis, Liz Gerecitano, Drew Little, Erik Ransom, and Meagan Robar) to orchestrate a series of uproarious schemes to satisfy her.

Matters are further complicated by Andrew’s conniving ex-boyfriend Gregorio (Paul Moon), who is intent on breaking up the couple. Anthony’s father, Joe (played by Joe Scanio), and aunt, Toniann Naso (Debra Toscano), exchange comical insults throughout, and further demonstrate the zaniness of Anthony’s family. “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” also features lively audience participation lead by Hugh Hysell (as diva wedding planner Maurizio LeGrande), and a stunning vocal performance by Marissa Perry (Anthony’s sister, Maria Pinnunziato). Ensemble members Jonathan Wiener and Marie Fontaine round out the cast.

Presented by Bianco Productions and directed by Emmy Award-winner Sonia Blangiardo, “My Big Gay Italian Wedding” premiered in 2003 at the Actors Playhouse. It has since played domestically in Los Angeles, El Paso, Greensboro, and other cities, and internationally in Scotland, France, China, and London. The February 22nd show will feature disco pioneer Carol Douglas, who will sing her hits “Doctor’s Orders” and “Midnight Love Affair” post-performance.

“My Big Gay Italian Wedding” plays Saturdays at 8 p.m. at St. Luke’s Theatre (308 W. 46th St.) through the spring. For tickets, call (212) 239-6200 or visit “My Big Gay Italian Funeral,” another Anthony J. Wilkinson creation, plays Sundays at 7 p.m. at St. Luke’s.