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'You shall have no other God before me' --Ten Commandments



Most people have heard or read the Ten Commandments. If not they are easy to access, follow this link or look up Exodus 20. The Ten Commandments are the laws that God gave to Moses in order to have his people have a structure to follow. Just because the Ten Commandments are not current and are old testament, they should still be followed today.

The first of the Ten Commandments is "You should have no other gods before me" (NIV). God made this the first of ten for a reason. It is critical. Out of everything that we do in this world, the one thing that each of us should remember is to worship God, period. If you get into a fight with your spouse, talk to God. If you get into a car accident, don't forget to talk to God. If you have good times or bad times, the first person that you should turn to is God.

Nothing should come before God. Nothing should come first, nothing! Many people are living in the times of this economy, worrying. They are stressed out about bills, money, work, their kids' safety, everything but what they are supposed to be worrying about. Money does not come before God. Kids should not come before God. Once you begin to prioritize your life around everything but God, you begin to worship other things. You broke the first commandment that quick. For instance, if the kids have a basketball game and you have dinner to cook and the husband is tired and, and, and, and. How would you feel if God put everything in his life first? He may have a game of golf that he wants to tend to. Suddenty he just feels like taking a day off. Suddenly God doesn't care about your stress. People would go crazy. Many problematic things would happen if God decided to up and quit. However, that is what people do when they put their lives before God. They are essentially worshipping their time, kids, money, whatever.

No matter what happens in your life, no matter what is going on, make sure that God is the first priority. Don't worship anything but God. You will see a major improvement in your life when you practice that. You may even start to actually notice when God is paying attention to you. Your life will be better!


  • Sheri 5 years ago

    I really enjoy your articles.

  • OVPop 5 years ago

    Juat reading your inspirational articles improves my life! Keep up the great work!!

  • Paul Larson in Scottville 5 years ago

    Great job...Keep it coming...

  • Phil 5 years ago

    This is the biggest nonsense I have ever read.
    Which logically thinking parent would ever set their child's safety at a lower level than being in the good books of "god"?
    The first commandment is terribly outdated and cannot be applied by any rational person on this planet.
    How will blind faith resolve anything? If you get into a fight with your spouse, talk about it with them, not some illusion you're chasing after!
    This whole "article" is ridiculous and should be condemned. You are completely maniac!

  • Melissa 5 years ago

    Phil, Christina has a right to her beliefs JUST as much as you do. If you don't like it, simply DON'T read it. Just because something doesn't fit into the belief structure you have created for yourself does not make it irrational. I'll bet you are the type of person who gets angry every time a christian talks about God and you feel as if they are trying to push their beliefs on to you. Yet you go out of your way to try to force YOUR beliefs on them! How are you any different? Secondly, how is the idea of loving God above all others an "outdated" idea? A person's love for God drives them to love others. Not that one could expect someone like you to understand such a concept. You have a right to feel the way you do, but you have to accept that just because others feel differently DOES NOT mean they are less educated. However, I get the feeling you are nothing more than an internet troll who enjoys sitting around all day long and stirring up chaos online. Good luck with that!

  • Amy 5 years ago

    I beg to differ, Phil. God is the breath we breathe, the steps we take, the relationships we make. If we turn our back on God, how can we feesibly protect our families, solve marital disputes, or anything else when it is He who looks out for us? When something happens that significantly impacts our personal lives, what is the instinct? To pray. Pray to God that he takes control and heals or provides for us. Or, if something goes terribly wrong, who is the first to blame? God. When 9/11 hit, everyone asked, How could God do that to us? And yet, God was there. He was keeping most of the people he could away. That's why the building wasn't full to capacity. It's why there were survivors. I realize that not all people have the same faith or belief system. God allows for that as well. We are all God's children.

  • Kelli 5 years ago

    Phil, you are stupid and probably live a very stressful life. I put my faith in God and he always manages to help me. I prayed for financial help and I got an unexpected check in the mail for $2500 a couple weeks later. Not just because I prayed, but because I prayed with a pure heart and trusted in God. I also got shot in my leg and the bullet came an inch from my main artery, I could easily have died, but I am alive and can walk. God will work miracles if you trust in him. Oh, and God please forgive me for calling Phil stupid he is just ignorant.

  • Jessica D 5 years ago

    They say ignorance is bliss, but I think this Phil guy is stoned! God is the reason that this world is not in complete chaos. Peoples belief in God, whether it's our God, Ala, or Buddha, is the reason why we are so quick to forgive each other, to help each other, or to love each other. I think that maybe this Phil had something bad happen in his life that he thought God should have fixed for him and when what was meant to be happened he lost his faith... Just a thought though. In my experience, God has been the who I looked to for comfort when I lost loved ones or was put into tough situations. Everyone has the right to their beliefs and no one has the right to criticize anyone for believing in something other then what you do

  • OVPop 5 years ago

    THough I typically delight in being humorous, tonight I will allow my serious side to show through. Not only is this article poignent and intelligent, it is also very applicable to today. The first commandment is not outdated, it is a guidepost that should be followed for a successful life.

    Love of the father, faith in the father, obediance to the law of God is the only way to assure a happy and successful life.

    Even God says that the greatest is love. Think on that.

    In closing Phil take just a moment and imagine the judgement day that all of us will someday face. Do you really want to hear God say to you "I don't know you."

    Phil it appears to me that some event in your life has caused you to doubt and lose your way. I pray that GOd will heal your heart and guide you back to the path of salvation. Hell is just too terrible of a thought to even consider,

  • Beth 5 years ago

    I love you, Nina. And I am a mother that is more than happy to raise my child with these beliefs, Captain Phil.
    I'd rathar my daughter grow up with morals and a structured belief system than to grow up not knowing where she belongs. God loves her. God loves me, and God loves you as well, Phil. Perhaps you should have a little faith and pray for some forgiveness. I'm sure you need it as it is said, all men are born into sin.

    you have a WONDERFUL day,Phil, and God bless.

    Nina, keep it up.