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You really can think yourself beautiful

"If you walk into a room believing you look beautiful, everyone else will think you do, too".

Think yourself beautiful
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Have you ever heard that saying before? And how much do you believe it to be true? According to experts, it is actually quite possible to 'think' yourself beautiful, and there is strong evidence supporting the theory that the secret to true beauty is all in the mind. The biggest obstacle, though, is getting ourselves to believe that we are the attractive entity that we want others to perceive us to be.

While low self-esteem occurs in both sexes, women tend to suffer most from lack of confidence - possibly due to society's expectations of us, and sadly, our own peers being far more judgmental of us than a man's peers would be of him.

Different cultures also have very opposing ideas of what is considered beautiful; a fine example of this being the differing attitudes towards being overweight - in the UK, fat is generally frowned upon, fat people are treated like lower class citizens, suffering at the hands of bullies in the playground and street, and prejudice in the workplace and job market. But in places like Fiji, South Africa, Jamaica, and many of the middle-eastern countries, fat is deemed as beautiful, and quite often, proof of wealth and hierarchy.

So, we've ascertained that in order to alter another person's opinion of us physically, we must first change our own way of looking at ourselves. But, how much of a part does science play in this? Well, according to Japanese scientist, Dr Masaru Emoto, quite a lot, actually. Emoto has performed many studies which suggest that the molecules in water crystals can be affected by feelings, thoughts and words, ultimately determining the shapes of those crystals.
His scientific tests proved that the crystals which were exposed to a kind, loving environment, formed much more beautiful and symmetrical shapes, but the crystals which were subjected to a negative environment, and unpleasant words, thoughts, etc, were much more misshapen.

You can read more from Dr Masaru Emoto in his book, titled, 'The Hidden Messages in Water'.

Positive thinking has been proven many times in history, particularly in cases of illness. More and more doctors believe that a patient suffering from certain diseases - even cancer, will fare better treatment/prognosis-wise, if they think positively than if they're negative towards themselves, and give up. Based upon this, it's easier to see how the same type of positive attitude towards our looks can also attract a more positive reaction from those observing us.
That isn't to say, however, that as long as we 'believe' ourselves to be beautiful, that we can stuff our faces with chips and chocolate all day, go without exercise, but still look radiantly gorgeous to others! Healthy diets, exercise, genetics - they all play a part, but the fact is, you'll see far better results, and possibly receive far more compliments from others, if your healthy eating and exercise goes hand in hand with thinking yourself to be beautiful.

Want to give this 'thinking yourself beautiful' a try? Here's how:

Believe! It's no good looking at yourself in a mirror, and using the mantra, "I am beautiful!" over and over again if you don't completely believe what you're telling yourself. Start by doing something that you know makes you happy... buy some flowers, have a haircut, treat yourself to a new outfit, and get accustomed to the feeling of happiness that doing those things gives you.
Allow yourself to be complimented by people, but instead of feeling shy or embarrassed by that compliment, learn to accept it graciously, and most importantly, believe it to be true.
The mirror, although daunting to some of us, really is the best place to begin - instead of looking at yourself and wishing you didn't have crows feet, or that pimple, or the dent in your chin, and comparing yourself to some model on a magazine cover who's been Photoshopped to infinity, start seeing the things about yourself that, say, your husband/wife/partner sees and loves.
"I really do have pretty colored eyes...", or, "My smile is quite attractive..." - all are starting points, and all are things you have to believe in order to accomplish the new, positive, confident you.

Remember: This isn't just a theory drawn out by life coaches, agony Aunts, or magazine beauty pages. It has been scientifically proven that we truly can change how others perceive our looks, all by believing that we really are, beautiful. So get out there, make an entrance, and no matter what, believe, believe believe!!

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