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"You're with the Dee Jay".

Dee Jay's
Dee Jay's

When you begin to date a Dee jay, disc jockey, oh wait a turntablist; it has its ups & downs. A majority of women & men seem to think that it’s just like any other normal relationship. It can be, if you know how to handle it. If you don’t know how to trust then dating someone in this line of work is not recommended.


It takes a certain kind of endurance and maturity to be in such relationship/marriage. This is not a bold, sarcastic statement, merely the truth. This applies to either gender when the significant other is a Dee Jay although society has made it to seem as if it’s only towards women. Hello; there are female Dee Jays out there that are also in relationships that go through the same kind of issues.

During the courtship all is bliss & one feels special somewhat “popular” in being the Dee Jay’s partner. You have become that person “I’m with the D.J.” unfortunately that is exactly what people label you to be. The D.J.’s private groupie.

People will always gossip, make comments, judge & whatnots. As long as you know what & where you stand with your partner that's all that should matter. Only both parties will know if the relationship will move forward & possibly turn into marriage. Never let the public interfere with that; keep what you treasure the most (your personal life between the two of you; PRIVATE.) That is essential!

However many times people seem to forget that you are your own person also. You can date whomever you choose to in the world, but never lose your identity as a human being while doing so.

Dating or marrying a Dee Jay can be wonderful because they are simply an ordinary person, just like anyone else, them being a “turntablist” doesn’t define WHO they are it only shows WHAT they love to do. Society, social media, places can either make or break them. It all depends on the Dee Jay’s behavior, respect they carry for themselves & their significant others.

If a Dee Jay chooses to disrespect the boundaries of trust then that should only be between the two parties involved not the entire club, party, social media etc. Trust is important in any & all relationships, when you’re dating, living with or married to a DJ the bond of that trust shouldn’t have to be difficult to uphold. It will either work for the two of you or won’t.

Ladies: If your spouse is the DJ, clearly you understood this from the getgo. The club scene is part of the package along with photos you may or may not approve of. You accepted the lifestyle when he entered your life. You either trust in him & what you have or you don’t. It’s what they do; not who they are.

Men: If you’re spouse is the Dee Jay. "DITTO"

It’s that simple ladies & gentlemen. Love, Respect & Trust keep your DJ coming back to what everyone else is trying to seek; a loving happy home. Remember always you didn’t choose the DJ at the club; the DJ chose you out of all of them…