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You’re a hateful bigot if you believe Jesus condemned sin and didn’t love Satan

Jesus said love the sinner but not the sin.  Liberals say you must love the sin to love the sinner.
Jesus said love the sinner but not the sin. Liberals say you must love the sin to love the sinner.
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Liberals believe that if you condemn the sin then you don’t love the sinner and are a hateful bigot! Jesus said love the sinner not the sin, but they don’t see it that way. They think Jesus’ admonition to “judge not lest you be judged,” does not mean not to judge if a person will go to Heaven or Hell, but that you are not to judge whether someone does right or wrong.

Christ loved everyone without exception, they say, regardless of their sins, and that is what it means to love unconditionally. But Jesus did not go amongst thieves, rapists, and murderers to preach the Word of God. He went among the liars, cheaters, and adulterers, the unrighteous, to urge them to turn from their wicked ways and be honest and forthright.

Satan is only fully understood when one realizes that Satan isn’t someone else, and that doing evil isn’t just physical malice doing harm to another. Satan is the epitome of selfishness, of putting oneself before all others and acting only for one’s own benefit before considering others. It is spiritually corrupting, mentally deceiving, and emotionally draining.

Those who do evil do not come only as murdering monsters. The most evil and insidious come with a smile and rainbow promises. Long before he became a genocidal mass murderer and war monger, Adolf Hitler was the beloved leader of Germany promising wealth and power to the people.

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As illustrated in the latest Marvel movie, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” there is no freedom of choice with the Left. Jesus told His disciples to leave everyone to choose for themselves whom they would serve, God or themselves. With the Left there is no choice, you serve your rulers or you die. Like Mao’s “re-education” camps in which tens of millions of educated Chinese died following the takeover by his socialist regime, in the movie the bad guys are Nazis of Hydra who would kill anyone who would object to the imposition of their new world order.

To see Barack Obama for what he is, one need only examine ObamaCare and its implementation. In addition to NSA spying on Americans who object to its government spending their hard earned tax dollars like they’re free, Obama’s attorney general and head of the IRS have both been held in Contempt of Congress during criminal investigations of their activities. ObamaCare is another glaring example of Democrat duplicity. Just a recap of Obama’s promises, actions, and accusations reveal the corruption and deception inherent in Democrat policies. Since the election if 2008, even since 1912, nothing Democrats have done has been for the benefit of the people, but has hugely benefited the Democrat Party and the Obama regime.

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