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You put what up your nose?


Lite Brite Cube

A few days ago, I was sitting in front of my computer, meticulously scrutinizing a friend of a friend’s newly posted Facebook pictures.  My two children, Charlie (age 5) and Lilly (age 3½) were playing sweetly in Lilly’s room.  As I continued the diligent task of cyber-stalking my friends and acquaintances, a strange noise came from Lilly’s room … no, make that eight strange noises. 

It’s not often that my daughter sneezes, but eight consecutive sneezes were unheard of in our household.  Not thinking too much of it (and not getting out of my comfy computer chair), I casually asked if she was okay.  I was definitely not prepared for her nasally sounding response—“No, I can’t get this Lite Brite thing out of my nose!” 

My husband, Ben, who had been napping on the couch in our computer room, was in Lilly’s room faster than you can say “Hasbro”.  He scooped up our plastic peg-wielding daughter, carried her into the adjoining bathroom, and laid her on the cold countertop.  Under the light of the bathroom’s hideous fluorescent bulbs, we examined the nasal passage in question and tried to formulate a plan.  Ben proposed a pair of tweezers to solve this little dilemma; I felt the situation necessitated a trip to the emergency room.  Before we had time to deliberate, Lilly sneezed again and to both of our amazement out shot a little, green Lite Brite peg. 

If your child has had a similar experience, don’t be alarmed.  Many pediatricians recognize this nasal behavior as a normal stage of development.  In fact, Associated Content recently published a list of the Top Ten Things Kids Stick Up Their Noses (crayons, beads and French fries make up the top three). 

If you ever find yourself in this nosy situation, the National Institutes of Health recommend pressing lightly on the non-plugged side of the nose and asking the child to gently blow out the other nostril.  If this method fails, call your pediatrician … or local Lite Brite consultant.


  • Annie 5 years ago

    Ahhh!!! Kim this is great!!! haha, I love the stories!! :) And PS: I research mommy blogs ALL day long!!! you could become BIG! :)

  • Clark 5 years ago

    You are a very talented writer!

  • Michelle 5 years ago

    Great story!!

  • Lisa L. 5 years ago

    This is hilarious, and made me laugh out loud after a long day of work (AKA...taking care of two energetic boys)! Thanks for the creative writing, and advice.

  • Katie S-S 5 years ago

    Hi Kim! This is hilarious and disconcerting at the same time. Your stories are so enjoyable to read! On a similar note, I spent quite a deal of time today trying to retrieve a Thomas the Tank out of Max's speaker. Devices used: magnetic toy fishing pole, salad tongs, Xavier's hands and flash light!