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You paid for it: former mayor of Pevely used tax payer funds to pay cell phone

City of Pevely defrauded by Mayor
City of Pevely defrauded by Mayor

In October 2013, I reported that the Mayor of Pevely, Missouri, John Knobloch, was accused of using city funds to pay for his wife's cell phone bills. For over 6 months, city counsel and Knobloch went back and forth with failed attempts to come to an agreement of exactly how much he owed the city. Apparently, Knobloch repeatedly dodged demands for copies of the phone bills but he recently agreed to hand over the phone bills which totaled $3,600. Apparently, Knobloch used city funds during a 10-year term to pay for his wife's phone bills. But, that is not the best part. Knobloch had already repaid the $3,600 back to the city of Pevely; however, the city will only see a mere few hundred dollars of those fees because in a turn of events, for some odd reason the city agreed to repay Knobloch's attorney fees with tax payer's funds which ironically was billed at $3,300 plus court costs which leaves the city with a recoverable $250.

I still cannot understand how he has not been arrested and charged with embezzlement?