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You never know where the love will land

Janet Gallin and Tresa Eyres co-founders of Love Letters Live
Janet Gallin and Tresa Eyres co-founders of Love Letters Live
Photograph by Jim Eyres

You just never know how far your actions reach, and sometimes it is a matter of serendipity to learn into whose heart you have swooped. Tresa Eyres, co-founder of Love Letters Live, had something to say, or better yet, write on this topic. I am giving the mic to her, now.

"Dear Janet,
When you send your magnificent love letters to individuals (and I have been the recipient of many), you know who receives them, and you generally get a response.
As you continue to send your love letters message by radio and podcast, there’s no way to know how many people are receiving, believing, learning, and following. Every now and then, there’s a clue. Recently I encountered a client with whom I had worked about a year ago. Derrick is blind, so he knows me only by voice. Last week I found myself following Derrick and his service dog Largo on a city street in Berkeley. As Derrick appeared to be stumped by a car blocking his way on the sidewalk, I helped him and Largo safely maneuver around the obstacle.

“Who are you?” he enquired.

“Tresa Eyres,” I responded.

“Love letters!”
He grinned. “I remember you!”

Puzzled because I was quite sure I had never mentioned my affiliation with The Love Letter Squad, I asked, “Did I tell you about that?”

“No,” he said. “I heard you on the Love Letters Show. I recognized your name and voice.” 

And then he went on to relay something about the recording.

At that point we reached an intersection – with Derrick and Largo headed in one direction and me in another, so I wasn’t able to question him further…. Love always,

Thank you, Tresa, for sharing this enchanting lesson about sending out the love and knowing it lands somewhere you may not realize.
From me to you, dear Tresa, and dear readers, with love in the air,

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