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You must have a wedding DVD.


Just as photos forever capture moments of your wedding day memories, so does video but with the artistry of movement and sound.  In the present one may think the day will always be in their mind but I’ve had more than one newlywed view their wedding dvd with surprise at everything that they didn’t see photo courtesy of WingersMedia.comthat day.   Some moments are so special such as the exchange of gifts before the ceremony.  The best man delivers the groom’s gift to the bride.  She reads the note then opens the gift.  She’s choked up and can’t speak.   She smiles as the tears flow down her face.  She looks to her parents.   They’re also smiling through their tears.   It’s a beautiful moment that they can relive through the dvd.   Now fast forward to the ceremony.  The groom looks into her eyes as he recites his vows.   He pauses a moment as he begins to speak.  There’s a tear in his eye but he continues.   Before you realize it, the ceremony is done, you’re married and now the photo session and then on to the reception.  It’s a fast day and every couple says, “The day is a blur of memories”.  photo courtesy of WingersMedia.comDuring the reception, children play as the adults dance, mingle and enjoy the celebration.   By having a wedding dvd, the newlyweds know that after the honeymoon they can sit back, relax and watch their wedding day again and relive the memories.

   I've had couples tell me that they watch their DVD each year on their wedding anniversary. It's a special time for them both.

  In the future you will want to share your wedding day with your children.  They will see how beautiful you were in your wedding dress.  Family members and friends from years past are forever young.  Consider that an elderly loved one will pass away and their memory will be preserved on the dvd.  It’s a special way to remember them, hearing what they had to say, seeing them again.  Preserve those priceless moments forever on dvd.