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You must have a wedding coordinator


Photo courtesy of Wingers Media.comYou need a wedding coordinator.  I would suggest a professional but if the budget won't allow it, at a minimum you'll need to appoint a friend or family member.  And under no circumstance should it be the mother of the bride or groom. I have seen the bride’s mother take the lead and be there when a problem arises and such. She can’t enjoy the day if she’s making sure the flowers have arrived, who gets which flower, assure that the groomsmen arrived, and then dealing with the flower girls, ring bearer, photography, video and so on. I shot a wedding where there was no wedding coordinator. I had questions about placement of the video camera during the ceremony. The church had informed the bride that video could setup in the front of the ceremony. However, they had me setup in a less than ideal setting. I talked with the bride’s mother about it. I don’t like having to do that. She’s busy with enough especially since there was no coordinator. However, she talked with the church and I was able to setup where I needed to get my best shot. One more reason to have a wedding coordinator or at least appoint someone to take care of all the little details on the big day.