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You might have an owl personality

They are generally introverted and serious in nature. Everything must be analyzied and all questions fully answered for an owl to feel most comfortable. Too much excitement is unsettling to an owl they like stability and routine or else they are out of their comfort zone. You can't rush an owl to make a decision and it is best to present the facts clearly and concisely and let an owl make up it's own mind. The "owl" is very sharp and very reliable. You only get one chance with an owl so don't mess it up. -Hub Pages

Owl personality
Owl personality
Steve Gifford

After the "bull" has cleared the way of obstacles, we need someone who takes what they do seriously and is not satisfied with only a couple of the possibilities. These people develop curriculum, create instructions and familiarize themselves with all possible known issues. While the routine is comfort zone, it reinforces in the owl's mind that the method is stable.

Rachel gives the perfect scenario here. With the choice between the red, green and yellow wire, it will not be the owl's hands you want to make the cut before the end as we know it arrives. You will need the bull to make the cut while the owl talks him through the possibilities.

Owls have the potential to work well with the bull. At the alter is a different story. You run into the issue of two analytical people, one fast one one slow in decision making. One that is right more often than the other, and depending on which gender and what personality type it could be a red nocturnal mess.

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