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You might have a bull personality

You are an animal. Depending on your personality, you may be a bull, tiger, sheep, or an owl. Some people fall under more than one category. Finding where you fall on the grid will help you understand yourself better. Knowing all four will help you to understand others. Which one are you?

The bull personality type
noted in the article
The bull

You are probably left-brained like Shaina Fukami. Check out this video to see if you are. Some think of the bull as very close minded and overly analytical. Sometimes it is true, and the fact of the matter is that if you did not have the bull, we would still be cave men. The bull gets it done. They know C++ as a second language. They do the math equations that engineered your previous flight. They are good in emergency situations and work well to protect us because they are not convinced easily like Ketchupaveli says. Its hard to listen to a bull sometimes because they come across a little blunt at times and get right to the point. If you are ever found to be in a confrontational situation with a bull, you had better come with facts or you will not be taken seriously. Nayeli Torres requires at the very least, good grammar and the facts before you speak crazy. Some can come across as a little controlling like HER and not because of any evil plan, (not usually) but because they have built methods that they know work well. Depending on their pride, they might appreciate your plan b if it saves time money or energy. They are good people nevertheless, and unless they hav no contact with the outside world, they are never usually 100% bull. If you noticed the missing "e" on the word "hav," relax it was done to make a point. Stay tuned to see what else you may be.

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