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You might be surprised by the media equipment your local library lends out

The other day I really wanted to buy some expensive software that could help me to convert my old VHS tapes into digital files.  And just as I was about to spend this money, I discovered that the UT Austin Library provides this same service....for free!

There's a whole section at this library for any kind of data management that you can imagine.  Scanning documents, transferring old vinyl albums into digital formats, and on and on.  I'll finally get to listen to my old Barry White albums!

They even have cool viewing stations, where you can watch crazy things like laserdiscs or even European-format videotapes!

Don't have the funds to buy an expensive camcorder?  Well, never fear - the library lends them out!  And not just any camcorders - but Sony HD camcorders!

The moral of this story: before purchasing expensive media-related equipment, always check with your local library first to see if you can borrow it for free from your local library.