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You look great…………………….now what?

All that time you've spent training in the gym, religiously following your program, and the enormous effort you've put in changing your nutrition habits, has paid off. The person in the mirror looks amazing.

Get dirty and have fun.
Photo by Sarah Morton/Getty Images

You've reached your goal, but now what?

Your fitness and health is an ongoing journey. Just because you've reached your long term goal doesn't mean you stop. This means it’s time to start a new path.

Here are a few suggestions.

1. Give yourself a break

This sounds counter intuitive because slipping back into bad habits can be as easy as reaching for the dessert. However, suppressing those cravings for long periods of time is tough.

Reintroduce some of your favorite “guilty pleasures.” Every time you have a hankering, write it down. Keep this someplace visible. Then once a week, preferably at dinner, indulge yourself, and stop when you’re full.

Exercising beforehand ensures some of those excess calories will go to repairing muscle and not turn to excess fat.

This is all about achieving a happy medium.

2. Have a change of scenery

Going to the same gym, using the same equipment, and seeing the same people slaving away will get stale.

Instead, go train at a friend’s gym. Take your training outside with resistance bands or your own bodyweight. Run sprints at your local park or try a group exercise class that you've never done before.

These are only a few suggestions. Get creative.

3. Hire a personal trainer

Hire a trainer for a few sessions, telling him/her that you want new routines or fresh exercise variations.

All good trainer have a few “tricks” up their sleeves. Personal trainers will show you proper exercise form and tweak your technique so you can get more out of your routine. You’ll feel like an exercise ninja.

This is well worth the investment.

4. Play your favorite sport again

Think back to when you were a child. What sports did you play? Was it baseball, football, soccer, track and field, basketball or hockey? Hopefully it wasn't that long ago!

Time to dust off the moves. Take your fitness and moves to a recreation league or your local YMCA.

Now you can base your exercise routine around your sport and train with a purpose.

This makes training fun.

5. Find a new challenge

If running is your thing, enter a 3-mile fun run. If weights and cardio is your thing, there’s no shortage of adventure races you can enter such as this .

Exercise for exercise’s sake will get dull. When you have something to train for, this will keep you consistent.

Consistency is the key to your long term health and fitness.

The message here is maintain your gains without monotony. Now that you have achieved the body you've always wanted, it’s time to enjoy.

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