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You Have What it Takes to Succeed in this Life

You Have What it Takes to Succeed in this Life
You Have What it Takes to Succeed in this Life
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Sometimes life can feel like we are on a hamster wheel; we are endlessly running around without ever truly accomplishing what we desire. But is that really true? No, not at all! It may feel like it’s true but feelings are not facts and just as a baby learned to crawl, walk and talk. So we must grow in our lives and that takes time, persistence and patience. There will also be lessons in which we learn things the hard way sometimes. But this is an invaluable tool because it helps us to grow and mature.

Let’s say for example that you want to change careers but every time you take a step in that direction you seem to get thrown backwards. Well, that’s simply because making real life changes requires dedication, perseverance and most of all trust in God. If you truly desire to change something in your life God is there to work through you and all around you. But that doesn't mean you won’t face opposition or obstacles sometimes. Can you imagine an athlete that plans on never facing obstacles that would be a little unrealistic wouldn’t it? And so it is the same for us in our lives; actually the Apostle Paul referred to the Christian life as running a race.

Now of course we do not all possess the same goals in life. Some of us may desire to develop in our careers while others may concentrate on working from home or growing the family business. But whatever goals you may possess you will need to stick with it! The Bible says that faith without action is dead (James 2:14-26). If we are going to be successful then action has to be applied. Someone once wrote that a thought without action is merely a thought. Having the best intentions in not enough, oh sure we need to plan, prepare and set goals. But there has to come a time when we act! If not all the goal setting in the world will not help us.

This principle actually applies to all things; let’s say for example that you want to learn to master a musical instrument. This undertaking will certainly require practice, dedication and possessing a patient attitude. Just sitting around concentrating on the negative and putting things off will not produce anything positive. Once your mind has been made up you need to stick to your guns so-to-speak. And as mentioned earlier this will require time and patience. Now almost everyone would like to view themselves as dedicated and persistent. And in many areas of their lives this is definitely true but if they desire to make changes then a new dedication comes into place. This involves unfamiliarity and making mistakes in the process of maturing. For example noone can say that they learned a musical instrument over night regardless of how much talent they possess. There has to be a willingness to grow and learn.

Maybe you feel like your not making the progress that you desire in any given area; pray to God friend. Because you may be growing a lot more than you think! Compare your progress to last year or week or whatever applies. The point is this "never give up and keep running your race", you are already a champion in the eyes of God.

By Gordon E. Dawe