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You have to think like others to have a sporting chance

Some people who write for examiner goes far and high to find their best topics to write about. Many of them have certain titles that they are supposed to write about. A rare number of them write absolutely nothing about the topic they’re supposed to. Norman Byrd is our Myrtle Beach, South Carolina “Events” examiner, but I have never read anything that he has written that has anything to do with our beautiful beach.

I have reported on him several times because I figured if I stuck to writing my own titles, then he should do the same. I imagine that there are plenty of things happening in Myrtle Beach instead of what he does write about. He seems to love trash magazines about stupid celebrities. That’s what he does… apparently standing in line at the grocer looking through the trash mags to find stories to write and get paid for it.

He really should do what is right and turn the title over to someone who appreciates Myrtle Beach and will do it justice. I’m quite sure that there are things going on there all the time and the mention of those businesses would love the attention given to them by this website. He is always listed as one of the top people for the area, but that’s easy to do when you look to see what trash is trending on Twitter!

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