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You have a gluten allergy?, no you don't

Gluten allergies are supposedly increasing
Gluten allergies are supposedly increasing

In recent years there seems to be a trend of gluten free diets spreading across the U.S. How would it be possible that there are suddenly thousands of cases of assumed gluten allergies within a very short time? There has never been a large spread of such an allergy in the history of the U.S.(or much of the world for that matter). Wheat has been in nearly every American's diet since its founding. Why now would it be an ingredient our bodies reject?

There are cases of legitimate gluten allergies that are confirmed the same as peanut allergies. Peanut allergies do not increase tenfold in one year and neither do real gluten allergies. If you are not experiencing problems each time you eat a product containing wheat, you do not have an allergy. If you believe you do, see a physician and they will confirm if you truly do or do not. Almost none of these gluten allergy sufferers have once seen a physician to confirm their suspicions. This makes statistics of true gluten allergies more difficult to calculate as there are now too many people claiming allergies they do not have.