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You Have 48 Hours To Help Save The Dirty Sixth Sober Bar

Joe England is on a mission and needs your support. You may not know Joe, but he is a performer, composer and producer in Austin, Texas (Minor Mishap Marching Band, Los Tipicos de Cuba, The Spiral Band, Guacanayabo). Those of you who know Joe also know that he has made it a big part of his life's mission to be an advocate for music and musicians and to support projects that provide for the needs of artists and help the music scene flourish.

Recently, Joe has been involved in an on-going project in Austin at 610 N IH35 which has culminated in the founding of the Dirty Sixth Sober Bar. The venue is an all-night and after hours no-alcohol music bar at 6th St. The project has been headed up by Peyton Wimmer who has an illustrious track record as one of the founders of HAAM and the Sims Foundation and a long time organizer of Austin Arts Music Partnership.

The projects mission is two-fold. They are, one, to establish a music venue for people who love music but would rather not be around booze and drinking. Secondly, to welcome people who have been drinking at other establishments and might have had a bit more than they should. Drinkers who would rather not take the risk of driving can enjoy the music, have a snack and sober up before they hit the road from a evening or happy hour downtown. Joe and Peyton feel that they can save a few lives that way.

Another integral part of the mission is to see that all cover charges, hat passing, etc. goes 100% to the artists. The basic functioning is going to be funded by sponsors so that the musicians' can get paid.

The idea of the venue is to also include creating a safer environment for up-and-coming musicians under the drinking age to meet and perform with their mentors. It has been shown that musicians who begin their careers in places that are not centered around drinking, have a lower incidence of addiction problems later in life.

The space will also be available during the day to all sorts of community classes and rehearsals. Among the proposals for the daytime programs are opening the space up to several community music schools including a school band for home schooled kids and a brass workshop.

The reason for the 48 hour urgency is that the entity that leased the space during the past SXSW event refused to pay for the space and now the project is three months behind on the rent. The landlord is listing the property as available, but will guarantee Joe an option to renew the lease if he can produce $8400 by Monday afternoon. Joe is using Indiegogo croudfunding to raise the needed funds. Aside from the 4% that goes to Indiegogo for administrative costs, all funds will go directly to rental payments for the Venue at 610 N IH35, Austin Texas. If, for any reason, we are unable secure the contract for that property, the funds will be held and used strictly for rental payments for alternative location for the sober bar with a mission to benefit the community at large.

Please consider helping Joe and this great cause.

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