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You don't need a special blanket to be considerate to your partner

Luigi Diamanti

Without giving away too much personal information, let me say that one problem that can arise when a couple sleeps together can be the issue of flatulence.  Whether in a long distance relationship or right there with your partner every night, one or both members of the relationship can make it challenging to get a good night's rest by releasing gas in bed.  Laugh if you may, but this can be a problem that causes serious arguments and conflicts.

So imagine a magic blanket that can eliminate the odors caused by this problem.  Don't believe me?  Then feast your eyes on this YouTube video advertising the "Better Marriage Blanket."  The commercial claims that the blanket contains military-grade carbon fabric which absorbs odors before they can escape into the air.  I suppose in theory that passing gas into a material that the Army uses to guard against chemical warfare should defeat the odor problem.  Of course, it doesn't claim to do anything about the musical fireworks caused by flatulence.

I have to say that this sounded like a joke when I was first made aware of it.  I'm not being paid to advertise this product.  Rather, I'm passing it along as part of a bigger message--the message of having common courtesy for your significant other.  It can be easy to take someone for granted if you've been in a relationship for a long period of time.  There are an endless number of ways that you can show your love and respect for your lover, but taking the time to be considerate is perhaps the most important way.  You can buy all the jewelry in the world, or dress up in the sexiest lingerie.  But it can't make up for the damage caused by ignoring the basics, like not telling her how beautiful she looks, or not telling him that you'll be late coming home, or losing all form of manners and belching or picking your nose or passing gas in her presence.

In the case of the "Better Marriage Blanket," I will admit that this product could be useful if you or your partner's body can't help itself and releases gas during sleep.  Some things, like this issue or snoring, cannot be stopped without some kind of extra assistance, and maybe even a doctor's care.  However, most of us aren't attentive enough to our partner, and we overlook the everyday things that would mean a lot if we paid attention.  You don't need to pay $100 to show your love.  You can do it by preparing breakfast before she wakes up, or cheering on his favorite team next to him.  At the very least, excuse yourself and make a trip to the restroom if you must let one rip.  Your partner will thank you, or should.