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You did the big chop, now what? (part five)

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This part will conclude the Big Chop series. There are many more articles to come that will help you along your natural hair journey; but creating a hair regimen/routine is the first thing you should do after your big chop or while transitioning. There is one more thing that is very important to the growth and health of your TWA:

Take Some Time and Sleep On It

You should always protect your natural hair while you sleep. Purchase a satin cap and a satin pillowcase. I know how comfortable your old cotton pillowcase can be, but not only can cotton pull your strands and damage your hair, it doesn’t allow your hair or skin to breathe. Try it and see the difference a small fabric-change can make! And if you just can’t pull yourself away from that childhood pillow that brings you wonderful dreams each night, slip on a satin cap or bonnet and sleep tight!

Not only will a satin bonnet or pillowcase keep your style as frizz-free as possible for a longer period of time, it will preserve the health of your hair and length of your strands. Satin does not pull the hair like other fabrics do. This is why when some naturals wear their knit hats out, they first cover their hair with a satin bonnet and then put on the hat so it is not rubbing directly against the hair.

Another tip: when you purchase satin bonnets, turn them inside out before putting them on your hair. The outside is more satiny than the inside. Apparently when the manufacturers call them satin, they mean the outside!

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

Please feel free to leave one or the other, below! Fern will try her best to answer any questions you have, or to address any concerns that her advice may have given.

Remember, that Fern is happy to give advice and tips. BUT, her only disclosure is that everyone’s hair is different and you have to find the products that work for YOUR hair, the routine that YOUR hair likes, and the styles that look good on YOU! Natural hair advice is passed on from woman to beautiful natural woman; your natural hair, however, is not a hand-me-down to take it as it is. You have to work with it and mold into the healthy hair you want.

When your hair is healthy FIRST then it will grow!

So, happy growing!

Look for articles to come soon on how to build a natural hair regimen and how to find the best conditioner for your hair. Fern writes on the care of natural hair on her blog. Read her bio for more information.