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You deserve a break... meditate

Meditation connects mind, body and spirit, creating peace in a hectic world.
Meditation connects mind, body and spirit, creating peace in a hectic world.
D. L. Manzella

Meditation practice is a way to connect your mind, body and spirit. Many times, especially when we are stressed and beyond busy, we lose sight of the fact that there is more to us than our brains. We're all over the place, worried about what's already happened or stressed about what might happen in the future. Our minds race and we can never truly let go and relax. It can feel like we're running on hyperspeed 24 hours a day.

By meditating, we can create a space for peace and unity in ourselves. A break from the hectic pace of our daily lives.

People whom I've talked to about meditation, are usually daunted by the process. There are a lot of misconceptions about the difficulty of clearing our minds of relentless thoughts. There is almost a fear of sitting still for a little while and reconnecting to our spirit.

But, meditation doesn't have to be hard. Part of the process is to be forgiving to ourselves if we can't achieve a "spotless mind" right away.

The key is to start slow and make it a daily practice. There is no equipment needed and no right or wrong way to do it. Everyday, take some time to just sit and observe your breathing. Get comfortable, whether sitting in a chair or on the floor, it doesn't matter. Then, just breathe. Concentrate on the breath, in and out. As you breathe, pay attention to how the breath fills your body and leaves again.

Observe how your breathing slows and your body relaxes. You are in the present moment. The past and the future don't exist. Only this moment is real. When thoughts come into your mind, observe them and let them float out of your mind again. Don't follow them. Breathe.

At first we are distracted by everything in the room, everything in our lives, every worry that we've ever had, but the breath goes on, it is the only constant thing in our lives. In... out... relax your mind and let it rest for once. When you are ready, slowly become aware of the room again. Notice how you've put some space between you and the worries and stress patterns.

Now you're ready to embrace the day again, but you'll notice that you approach your life from a different perspective. Why? Because you took a break, created a few moments of peace in a sea of distractions. And tomorrow, when you do it again, you'll look forward to those moments, and it will become easier and easier to make a space of tranquility.

Connecting our minds with the other important parts of us... our body and our spirit, puts us in balance and empowers us to handle whatever it is that is going on around us.


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