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You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, only 17 days to Obama Health care

He know when you've been bad
He know when you've been bad
AP Photo, Ron Johnson

The liberal left is planning to give a Christmas gift that keeps on giving to the American citizens. They're going to stay up late and work through the weekends until they have a health care bill to pass that we just don't want or need. We are the children and they know what's better for us so just take your medicine, children. True it may really be a poison pill so we'll need to swallow it quickly, but don't worry it will have the same great effect on our country as the stimulus package did, only with this bill, the taxation will never stop and quality health care will never come back. They need to pass it fast, since Americans are losing their jobs and their health insurance every day, and public support is plummeting. But if they are passing the bill so fast, why doesn't it even go into effect till 2014 and how can that help those citizens losing their jobs right now? We better stay healthy until that date. We need to be just like the Taliban who will stay in hiding until July 2011 when Obama says we'll retreat in defeat so they can then go back to setting up their Al Qaeda terrorist camps. If I were the Taliban or Al Qaeda, I would move to Pakistan or Iran until then, or maybe vacation in Bermuda and stop to visit the other transferred Guantanamo Bay enemy combatants doing their hard time. Sometimes I wonder if these terrorists are at least given sunscreen as sunburn can be a form of torture and everyone on earth knows that our president doesn't like that, unless of course it is the mental torture of our own Navy Seals .  I wonder if anyone is reading his speeches before he reads them off the teleprompter. Someone should really help him along.
The Republicans are up in arms because they are kept out of closed door discussions on the massive health care reform monstrosity, but despite this, the Democrat/Socialists still have the gall to blame the Republicans for not helping to pass this nightmare bill. I guess that this is Obama's idea of transparency and bipartisanship. Currently they are trying to cater to the hold out democrats and independents that are having a problem with the idea of federally sponsored abortions, and forced universal health care. Some prefer a trigger option for universal health care, however if you had the time to review the recent government mammogram recommendations that are coming down the pike, you might just want the loaded gun option, as it appears that the government wants you to die quickly after age 75 anyway. By that age, I'm sure they will have milked every dollar out of you to make the estate tax increases totally unnecessary. With regard to federally sponsored abortions, every Christian will be happy to know that part of his tax return will be supporting abortion procedures that are against his religion. Will that encourage the Catholic Church to advocate civil disobedience and ask their congregation to not pay their taxes? I wonder how that situation will be enforced by the president. After all the smoke is cleared and 1 trillion dollars later, you can come to expect a slight increase in your health care premiums, and doctors who will be as conscientious and responsive as postal workers at noon. We asked for it and we got it, remember Obama promised "change".
It appears that the recent global warming scandal has put a chill on Obama's trip to Copenhagen this week. I think that he should steer clear of this "climategate" since his administration just can't take another failure, and American conservatives are tired out having to spend all of their Saturdays protesting. President Obama, why don't you just give it a rest and do nothing for a change, you already caused enough damage and can't keep blaming your failures on Bush.

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