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You chose to be a teacher

And positively affect the future and life of each student that you taught,
You went to college and learned your teacher preparation classes were idealistic and mostly for naught.

Then you got your first position to teach,
Promising that every child you would reach.

But they told you what and how to teach everything,
And how many minutes each lesson should bring.

You learned that there was no time in the classroom for fun,
And that you were unable to meet the needs of everyone.

Certain skills and subjects were eliminated or mostly ignored,
And you saw that the students were totally bored.

You began to question if things today were right,
While testing and more testing was always in sight.

You joined a group opposing testing and the core,
Believing strongly that the students deserve more.

Then the pressure from the administration became really too much to bear,
So you talked to a senior teacher who told you how it used to be there.

The teachers had the freedom and respect and the students did learn,
Now public education has taken a terrible turn.

What do you do now, do you hold your ground?
And wait until a new education recipe is found.

Or leave the schools and your dream behind?
And find a new career where satisfaction you can find.

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