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You can tastefully incorporate sports themes into your nursery.


Cincinnati Reds mobile that plays "take me out o the ballgame".

Dad really loves sports.  You have a new baby.  Dad wants to incorporate his team with the nursery.  Mom shudders as she thinks this will be tacky.

There are ways to do this tastefully so that the nursery doesn't come off looking like a man-cave or a dorm room.

Since there is a long-standing love for the Cincinnati Reds in this household, there was a push to try to make the nursery themed with that in mind.  Mom was willing and did most of the outfitting herself.   There are tons of options when filling your nursery needs.  Here is a link to toys r us page that shows the various nursery and baby items you can get.

While typically nursery items are themed towards things such as Noah's ark, clowns, etc, sports can offer another alternative to the "normal" themes.  Sport doesn't really matter as every sports entity has shops online that offer anything you may want or need to decorate your baby's nursery.  This household is into major league baseball.  Here is the link for an example

Here is a link list for the other sports: for the NFL. for the NHL. for the NBA. for all things college. for NASCAR. (thanks Angela for the reminder)

As your child grows, you can update each room to make it suitable for his or her age group.  All the aforementioned websites can help with that.  I would be remiss if I did not mention my favorite website for decorating rooms with sports paraphernalia

In closing, please don't assume that sports decorating is the way it used to be, it can be nicely done and you can incorporate color schemes that match.  The Home Depot offers paint that match perfectly to any team colors. 


  • Kevin Huston 5 years ago

    My Bonus/play room is painted Scarlet and gray for my beloved Buckeyes..We have several nick knacks in our nursery like baby shoes that are Ohio State. A few pieces can be done with dads sport team to keep the big fella feeling manly..

  • Robert 5 years ago

    Agreed Kevin. I did not want my son's nursery to be any more tacky than his mom did, but we found a way to incorporate both of us!