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“You Can’t Have Fun ‘Til New Games Are Made”

Interactive Game Show
Anni Yang

At this years’ Game Developers Conference (GDC) held yearly in San Francisco, California, there happens to be a change unlike before. The difference this year, is that companies are either exclusively hiring in the north hall or specifically exhibiting, which would be in the south hall. In the past, companies were mixed together in both facilities which would make it either difficult or easy, depending on the agenda of an attendee. But why are the gaming companies being segregated? If people would like to see more and better games on the market, there needs to be more games made which means hiring the right talent to create them.

There happens to be a mix crowd of people looking for employment in the gaming industry at GDC this year. What happens to be a quick growing market are games created for tablets and smartphones. Console games are still popular, but the convenience of the average person doesn’t allow them to enjoy games as they have in the past. People are always on the go no matter where they live which causes them to be unavailable to sit or stand in front of a console center often. Many companies have sprung up to help smaller and more independent game developers to monetize their games since the majority of games for smartphones and tablets are free in the platforms of iOS (Apple) and Android.

Companies known for film distribution such as Warner Brothers and Sony were present this year and are hiring for their gaming department. People came from other parts of the world and not just America were in attendance at GDC, such as: South Korea, Germany, and France had the bigger influences of the international attendees.

If people would like to engage in more at GDC itself, there needs to be more games created whether for consoles or portable. At previous GDC conferences, there was more to do physically where-as for this year, it’s all about recruiting the best and adequate talent per company and their needs.

Depending on a person’s attendance to GDC this year, it could prove a productive or disappointment. For qualified applicants looking for employment in the gaming industry, it definitely proved as productive since many well-known gaming companies were interviewing in the Moscone North hall. For people merely just looking to obtain trinkets and other free giveaways, that was definitely not such a highlight this year. Overall, this year at GDC proved something that different: you can’t have more engaging and interactive games on display until they are made!

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