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You Can't Expect a Relationship to Fix You

Love is a great feeling and many people think that a relationship or love will change their life. The truth is you can't expect a relationship to fix you.

If you have low self-esteem and jump into a relationship with someone thinking it will change, it won't. It might make you feel good and you might see that you are loveable but it won't change everything. If you thought that no one loved you and love wasn't for you and then happy you found someone, the insecurities will still be there. You will wonder if the person you are with will stray away. You will feel that you are not good enough to have this person's love.

Trust may disappear and you may begin to fight a lot. When there is no trust there is no relationship. In the end your relationship will fall apart because you weren't secure in yourself or the relationship.

If you want a happy and healthy relationship you must begin to love yourself first. Look in the mirror or write down your amazing qualities. Once you do that you will meet someone great who loves and appreciates you. After all how could you expect someone else to love you if you do not love you?

Love is out there for everyone. It is all about timing. Some people meet their loves out of college and others meet their true love later in life. If you didn't meet the right guy don't assume that love is not out there for you. Just have fun, love yourself and at the right moment your prince charming will be there.

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