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You can’t beet spring

you can't beat spring
you can't beat spring
photo by Gregory Son

Spring has sprung! This explains why colors appear to be extra bright. It explains why sweet peas are so vividly green, why strawberries are practically bursting with the color red, and why all the fresh produce is so colorful that one can experience a certain kind of giddiness at seeing such a rainbow-like, springtime display.

The creators of Peeps have got it right. They have captured spring’s jewel-like qualities in cute little chicks and Easter bunnies of all colors.

Eggs are a strong symbol of spring, as they foretell of budding young lives. Perhaps this is why the Easter Bunny lays multicolored, hard boiled eggs. Unlike most other bunnies, these bunnies lay eggs. They are the kind of eggs that come from everyone’s inner artist. They are dyed eggs of all kinds of unimaginable patterns and hues. One has to wonder if ever a day will come when some paisley chicks, or some hound’s-tooth chicks, or some tie-dye chicks will hatch. Perhaps instead, one wonders about Deviled Eggs. These are the offsprings, which are hatched by cute little, yellow chicks. These can have yolks that are the color of a taxicab, and sometimes the bright flavor of mustard.

As all of the plants grow greener and the ground becomes warmer, it is the ideal time for beets. This is the reason why we have to make ‘You Can’t Beet Spring ’. The following is an Original recipe (pictured) from Denise Denny.

You Can’t Beet Spring

One 15oz. can Julienne Beets, drained

One 11oz. can Mandarin Oranges, drained

One half Red Onion, finely chopped

One half-cup Sour Cream

Combine all ingredients. Serve cold. Makes four servings. Enjoy!

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