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You can return to the workforce: Part 2

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Ready to get back to work? Be sure to read You can return to the workforce: Part 1.

It is vital that you begin to develop good work habits and a positive attitude. Go to bed at a reasonable hour tonight and start your day off for success.

  1. Before 8 a.m., shower, get dressed for work and eat a healthy breakfast.
  2. Find a quiet place with a table, a pad of paper and a couple of good pens.
  3. Identify ten things that you really enjoy and rate how well you do those thing (1-bad, 5-excellent)
  4. List ten things you hope you never have to do again and rate how well you do those things.
  5. Examine 3 and 4 and determine job fields to pursue and job fields to avoid.
  6. Do an internet search to get a list of jobs that use the skills you listed in 3.
  7. Investigate ways to improve your performance ratings on number 3 (education, training).
  8. Learn a new skill, such as using Microsoft Word or cooking a turkey,
  9. Read a motivational book by Zig Ziglar or Nick Vujicic.
  10. Plan to do something special for your spouse, child or parent.

Yes, you need a resume and interview advice. You'll get to that soon. But for now, make a decision to work on your habits and attitude.