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You can return to the workforce: Part 1

Job Search Anxiety
Job Search Anxiety
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You write and re-write your resume, then you post it over 60 times on three job sites. You check your email every hour and you keep your conversations short on the phone. You are excited about all the opportunities and begin to think about how you are going to spend your first paycheck. But the phone never rings and your inbox is empty.

Over time you become discouraged and depressed. You begin to feel you have nothing to offer. You rarely even look at a job site. You avoid your friends and family. Days become months and months become years. Sound familiar?

Well, it’s time to sit up and take notes. You are neither an accident nor a mistake. You have a purpose and you can add value to an employer. Step back and take an honest self-appraisal. Recognize your strengths and identify how those strengths can add value to a company. Acknowledge your weakness and develop a plan for improvement. Decide to do whatever it takes to return to the workforce.

Before you return to the job sites or edit your resume, examine your habits.

  1. What time do you go to bed each night?
  2. What time do you get dressed each day?
  3. When you wake in the morning, do you bathe and get dressed within the hour?
  4. How do you spend your day?
  5. How much time are you spending with friends/family?
  6. Do you read?
  7. Do you practice the skills of your trade?
  8. Do you look for opportunities to network?
  9. Do you try to learn something each day?

Analyze your answers to these questions. You need to have the habits of a successful person. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, wake up and get dressed, learn something new, improve your skills, meet someone and read something positive every day.

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