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You can finally save something for later on Facebook

These are examples of the different types of content you can now save for later viewing in Facebook.
These are examples of the different types of content you can now save for later viewing in Facebook.Facebook

In my opinion, this is one of the extremely useful features Facebook could offer and it's way over due. I think one every user realizes it exists will be happy it does - that is, the ability to save content you'd like to check out later on Facebook and be able to do so.

Although Facebook released information about the update today, over the next few days, users will start being able to use the feature to save and access that saved content by navigating to the More tab. In that tab they'll be able to see their different saved items in specific lists.

As it stands you'll be able to save almost any kind of content i.e. videos, article links, local places and movie /TV links.

The way to access the Save feature will be by clicking on the post's grey down arrow button where you'll be given the option save the post for later engagement, into your saved list and a few other options we're accustomed to.

Also, if you've forgot to read your saved posts, you'll get an occasional reminder by Facebook to check out your list. Personally I'm not into getting reminders from Facebook or any application for that matter besides my calendar app but I'm sure we'll be able to change this setting in our notification settings.

The feature hasn't yet been rolled out but over the next few days most popular mobile phones will be able to use the feature.

The security behind your saved links

I know a lot of people are going to be wondering whether their saved links are going to be public or private. Rest assured that your links are going to be kept private and only for your viewing.