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You can dance if you want to at Mr. B's


Mr. B's Pub is located at 215 S. Main Street in downtown Royal Oak.

Despite the city of Royal Oak's reluctance to let the people dance, Mr. B's is the newest location in downtown Royal Oak where people can do just that:  dance.

With a newly installed dance floor (located facing Main Street in the South dining room) Mr. B's and guest DJ's will entertain you every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:30 to 2.  Best of all; there is never a cover!

I admit, I was unsure how well this would work but it's actually a blast if you just want to dance.  As a pick up joint, this is not your bar, head South to the Finn or West to Woody's or Sky Bar.  But if you and your girlfriends want to go out and dance until you sweat, without peeling groping man hands off of your hips all night; this is where I recommend you go.  Another upside:  if you're with a mixed party and some of your friends are just plain wallflowers, you don't have to dance; play pool, shoot darts, or just sit in a corner by yourself.  It's not a club which means there is a little something for everyone (plus great drink specials).

The biggest downside Mr. B's has is the main problem this establishment has always had when it comes to attracting a female crowd:  the lighting.  As a girlfriend of mine said after a night at Mr. B's:  "It's kind of like dancing at an Applebees."  For the timid at heart, or dancers with two left feet, it's a pretty vulnerable atmosphere and there is nowhere to hide your rump shaker.

Holiday Plans:  Mr. B's will be open and will have a DJ on Wednesday, December 23rd.  Dancing is a great way to pre-burn the calories you will consume with Grandma's sugar cookies!  Mr B's is not charging a cover for New Years Eve!  Now that's just unheard of in the RO.


  • Rob Z. 5 years ago

    Nice article Kim, good to know that B's installed the dance floor.