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You can create Chicago art with fluffy water

The fluffy water to which I am referring is, of course, snow. In Chicago, this material is abundant on lawns, streets, sidewalks and parking lots. This fluffy water is free.

Ovals, hexagons, triangles and stars are unique, snow forms.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

Fluffy water is suitable for sculptures instead of for paintings and sculptures. You can shape this material with bare hands or gloved hands. Screwdriver points can create more intricate designs.

The usual, fluffy water shapes are balls-snowballs. Be creative, vary from the norm. Create snow ovals, snow triangles, snow hexagons, snow stars and snow cubes. If you can create snow stars with 10 or more rays, you may be an artist.

By placing Chicago items in your snow forms, you can qualify the pieces as Chicago art. A brown oak leaf from Douglas Park that you embed in a snow octagon has a Chicago touch. A wooden or metallic piece of Comiskey Park that you display as one of many rays in an 11-point, snow star can qualify as Chicago art.

Of course, the common, snow color is white. You can vary this by temporarily hiring dogs (They should be yours.) to give the snow forms yellow tints. Sand sprinkled in and around snow forms give these forms more cohesion, and add some light brown shades.

Your fluffy water art will be transitory because if you keep this art outside it will eventually melt. (You can place such art in your refrigerator or ice box where it will quickly become hard water [ice], Chicago art.) Any pets you own that have Fluffy as their names may be able to create crude, fluffy water forms by Fluffy, but such forms are unlikely to be art.

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