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You can bet Israel is watching America's prisoner swap with the Taliban

America negotiated for the release of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl after being held by the Taliban for 5-years.  America swapped Bergdahl for five captured Taliban held in Guantanamo.
America negotiated for the release of Sgt Bowe Bergdahl after being held by the Taliban for 5-years. America swapped Bergdahl for five captured Taliban held in Guantanamo.
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It was great to have an American soldier held five years by the Taliban released, however the consequences of ultimately dealing with terrorists is an extremely high risk gamble.

Naturally the Islamic naïve White House is clinging to the concept of “the end justifies the means”. The White House at least wanted the American soldier released before any movement was done to release five top level Taliban from their incarceration from the notorious Guantanamo where many terrorists are still in limbo.

What Israel is watching is the absolute faulty thinking of America that somebody would not do as they promised. The five Taliban men released were suppose to have their movements highly restricted.

Um, not so, they currently have free movement throughout Afghanistan and don’t think the imaginary line separating countries will stop these five from going into Pakistan or any other country they choose to go.

The Taliban is hailing the release as a great victory and making all the propaganda films upcoming to clearly show that America will eventually cave…which we did.

Israel understands because they have the same philosophy of life America has, to value life rather than embracing death. The Israelis have no illusions about their enemy keeping their word once a release has been brokered. Hundreds of terrorists have been released as a bargaining chip to have just one Israeli released.

What is a ludicrous expectation to have is to really expect any of the released prisoners will not go back to doing the same thing again. Israel fully knows the folly of expecting compliance to conditions given for the release of prisoners. Israel knows the definition of “hudna” while American officials making critical decisions do not.

To make it simple, it was foolhardy to negotiate a release with the Taliban for the following reasons:

1. This will boost morale for the Taliban and encourage them to engage and even expand their efforts to acquire American military or civilians.

2. The precedence has been established that America does deal with terrorists. America will eventually vacillate in a long struggle.

3. America violated its own laws in releasing the five Taliban without 30 days notice to Congress. If America does not respect its own laws, how does one expect foreigners as the Taliban to?

4. American officials actually expected compliance to all conditions of the release.

America conducted this exchange like rookies. Seasoned negotiators with Israel know full well that you cannot enforce anything once a prisoner is released nor expect anything. As one views the political hay being made by the Taliban regarding the release of the five prisoners, one can easily see who got “served” on this incident.

So, those American negotiators that really believed that the movements regarding the five Talban would really be restricted need to go and take a class in Reality 101. It was foolish to put restricted movement as a condition since the American negotiators could no more restrict the five on release than they could restrict the ocean tides from taking place.

It was a total waste of time and effort even going there.

You can bet Israel will be cognizant of any United States effort to make the Israelis swallow the fake bait America fell victim. Israel is under no illusion that unverifiable, unmeasurable, or conditions that may be followed is anything to bank their security upon. If America expects Israel to swallow any of that willow-the-wisp junk, it just aint going to happen.

This ill-advised move with the Taliban merely demonstrates who is dealing in reality and who is not.

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