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You can be your cat’s personal dentist

I like these bonding sessions
I like these bonding sessions
Karla Kirby

Brushing your cat's teeth can be an enjoyable and bonding experience; but you must take things slowly at the start and give plenty of praise and rewards. Soon your feline will actually look forward to his/her brushing sessions.

.Never over restrain your cat. Keep sessions positive and brief. Be sure to speak kind words to your cat all through the procedure. Keeping kitty’s teeth clean is beneficial to your cat’s health.

Have your cat get used to you putting things in his/her mouth. Douse your finger in chicken broth, tuna water, or any other beverage your little friend likes. Call your cat to your side and then run your finger gently over y our cat’s teeth and gums. After a few pleasant sessions like this your cat will be waiting for another and then you can move forward.

The next step is to position gauze around your finger and tenderly brush the teeth in a circular movement. Repeat this for the number of sessions it takes your cat to feel comfortable with this procedure. You may dip the gauzed finger in his/her favorite beverage the first few times. Be sure to speak soothing words while prepping kitty for the real thing.

Once your cat is accustomed to having the flavored gauze in his/her mouth, you are ready to start with a toothbrush and dental pad. Kitty must get used to the consistency of these items, particularly the bristles on a brush. Permit your cat to lick something delicious off of the brush or pad so he/she gets used to the surface.

When your cat is used to the cleaning utensil you are going to use, you can add the cat toothpastes. They come in several flavors including poultry and malt. Make sure your cat gets used to both the flavor and consistency of the toothpaste. Have your cat lick some off your finger and then gently administer some to your cat's gum line with your finger. Reward your cat afterwards...

When you know your cat is ready, begin a genuine brushing session. At the beginning, you might try brushing the canine teeth. These are the easiest teeth to get to and will give you some beginner’s practice. When your cat accepts having several teeth brushed, you can gradually increase the number of teeth brushed with each session. .

Soon you will become your cat’s personal dentist and you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

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