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You CAN be the difference

This holiday and birthday weekend is a time to celebrate; it's also a time to pray, reflect, plan, and do just a little more and a little bit better.
This holiday and birthday weekend is a time to celebrate; it's also a time to pray, reflect, plan, and do just a little more and a little bit better.
Taken by Mrs. Faye Snorton

On August 31st, I am fortunate enough to experience another birthday (and you surely would not believe how many years I am as from what others tell me, I sure don't look the part, but again, that's what they tell me). Each day is a blessing, and each year is a blessing as well. As one of my fraternal brothers notes, it's truly better to be seen than to be viewed, and each day above ground is an opportunity to embrace all that live can offer, learn from it, and continue to mature into the person you are capable of becoming.

Even in the past few days and at this very moment, I'm fortunate to have the time to take in some life lessons from my first and original teachers, my Mom and my Dad. As the saying goes, you can definitely can learn something new every day, and you have an opportunity to apply such knowledge for the greater good. In looking back at this past year, there's a number of things that I've been blessed to do and hopeful that they have made some sort of impact. Ranging from the outstanding organizations and people in the community who are dedicated on making a difference, to some amazing and talented people in the entertainment industry, and just doing some things on my own accord, it is a year of growth and impact.

The hope is in sharing such stories, it can encourage and motivate readers and others to lend support to the aforementioned people and organizations, or stimulate and hasten individuals and groups of people to identify areas of need in their immediate community, or be more proactive in regards to addressing areas of concern, let alone have a clear and sustained platform in order to make things a little bit better for everyone and not just a select few. The goal of more doing a little is superior to a handful doing it all.

Where do I go from here? Where do you go from here?

Where I am going is pretty simple; there clearly are going to be more articles focusing on community-oriented individuals and businesses, sprinkled in with some more happenings within the business and entertainment community. Outside of that, there's more of an investment I can make, be it via the nonprofits I directly work with, the business I have in place, and other advisory components to get back to the basics and make what you are doing a balance between taking care of yourself and your personal business and well-being, providing access to resources to those in need, and remaining grounded in that your larger charge is to be the best steward possible and reach back and empower others so everyone benefits. When you focus solely on yourself, it leaves others on the fringes, and we are all aware of the consequences and repercussions of such actions.

But what about you?

Are you considering taking time to volunteer on a regular basis (weekly or monthly) instead of when it is normally pushed or in season (i.e. the holidays)? Are you taking time to support others who are out there in the trenches, or are you taking time to simply play "armchair quarterback" and talk about the things that need to be done, yet never lift a finger or foot in being out there where people can truly benefit from your time and talents. Are you sitting idly by and just watching the handful get weary from their labor, or are you there to provide a tier of relief and encouragement?

When things change, it is because people who have a sincerity about themselves and the greater good figure out that things are not going to improve or make any degree of advance by sitting on their posterior. Liking someone's status is fine and dandy, but supporting them with your resources (i.e. financial, expertise, or knowledge) is what is more meaningful. Accolades are nice as we all need a pat on the back for what we are doing, but that's not where you work ends; it's a reminder there's more that you can do, and looking back at what you have done provides a springboard for what you are still capable of doing.

What's it going to be? It's on me, it's on you, and it's on us all...

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