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You better watch that movie first.

Always make sure you view what you record and save to your DVR. Rio sounded great! The first movie was good, so thought better check out the second movie. What the heck huh? We had no idea what preview was going to be on. Most importantly what you are about to see & hear. This preview should be for adults only. Children want to be independent and turn on their own movies. Working the clicker is a big deal to most of them. But you should always check anything you record from Cinemax. Imagine having to explain lots of things that are said in this clip to a child. I may even watch WANDERLUST but this was not appropriate for a rated G movie. Which I have not. The rated G is proudly displayed after your ears have been violated. Maybe, it is only rated G when the movie begins? Your 5 year old could be running around saying and doing what he saw. Teaching all of his friends too. Or them yelling when you see it for the first time. yeah let's watch that. He could bring all of his friends over to your house to watch Rio. The phone calls you could get. This even makes it by the parental controls because it is marked rated G. So, do not think that will prevent it. Please share and let everyone know. We have to be careful of what we save now. Or we could be explaining not only to parents, but maybe even the police about the porno some kid saw at your house. Your husband may walk away saying it too. Which would be funny. But it is not right for this movie. "I am going to stick my" (not typing that language here.) You must watch the video and be educated.