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You Asked For More On Types of Vampires! Presenting: What are Psychic Vampires?

Note: These are not opinion articles, they are research articles. All information presented is referenced at the end of the article with the exception of direct quotes which are always referenced immediately following the quotes. The writer is presenting information from various sources of folklore, leaving the reader to decide what they do or do not believe.

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What are Psychic Vampires (aka Energy Vampires)?

Note: For the purposes of this article the terms Energy and Psychic Vampires with be used interchangeably. According to literature and ancient drawings from nearly every culture around the world, there are some beings (who look just like your neighbor, your best friend, even your boss), who feed off the energy of others; they are different from other Humans, however, they are Human.

To be clear, we know today by self-proclaimed Energy Vampires such as Michelle Bellanger, that this 'feeding' may be a consensual act. However, according to the folklore (which has been referenced for you at the end of this article), there are others who are not concerned with informed consent. They take what they need when they need it. These Energy Vampires are also particularly interested in those who give off different and greater energy fields than the norm (examples would be people who are truly gifted with being able to see behind the veil, healers, and guides, guardians, etc.) There are three types of Vampires recorded in folklore since ancient times: Astral Vampires (discarnate spirits), Psychic or Energy Vampires (incarnate spirits in human form), and Blood Vampires (the rarest, however, most well-known; first recorded in Ancient Greece (for more information on Blood Vampires see my first article from 2009).

How to identify Energy Vampires

They have extremely sensitive eyes and do not like much direct light; they have night vision.

Their skin has a shine to it.

They have some kind of psychic ability such as telepathy, reading thoughts of others, knowing the future, and other forms of clairvoyance.

Like the traditional Vampires, they have an uncanny sense of smell (far reaching).

Some days they are moody and hostile, or even cruel.

They have a vast amount of esoteric knowledge and move towards an alternate view of the traditional, conformist religions.

They can sense others like them (but do not interact much with their own kind).

They can sense when humans and animals are sick or in some way unwell.

Depending on the Vampire, their own energy levels seem to bounce; one minute they want to go out and do something active, the next they want to sit around or sleep.

They keep telling you bad things that have happened in their life (to make you feel sorry for them and then feed on your emotional energy).

They can be unpredictable, moody, temperamental, overwhelming, and intense.

They say they have some kind of magical ability although nothing concrete is normally proven.

They like to be the leader of a group although often say they aren't, and hide behind someone who is easy to manipulate.

They give their victims small gifts all the time.

They show deep powerful emotions.

They are often loners, because they feel different from those around them, and because they have to control the amount of contact they have with sources of energy.

There's also the obvious signs such as if you suddenly feel tired for no reason or, as an example, if you're sitting on a bench and someone sits next to you, and after a few minutes they get up and leave and you suddenly feel disorientated, confused, have headaches, and are tired and weak.

More Abilities of the Psychic Vampire


Psychic Vampires are able to scan each individual and find out what sort of person they are. They are able to look and feel one's aura/energy while keeping a mental record in their minds of what aura belongs to what kind of person. They are also able to scan someone and find out if this person is another vampire and how powerful this vampire is; although a lot of them already sense the other vampire without having to scan them. When vampires need to feed, they will also scan various people for the right emotion that they would like to feed on. If they are nice enough, they will feed from an angry person because this is excess energy overflowing and can be easily skimmed or siphoned off by the vampire. This is also good for the angry person because the anger has been fed from and taken; this person becomes calm and more relaxed.


This ability allows them to persuade you through mind control. Example - if the vampire has done something wrong and you see them doing it, or if they are noticed feeding on someone, then they stand close enough to be inside your energy field and scan you. It is important for them to look directly into your eyes and speak in a soft and low monotone, almost as though they are consoling you through a problem. They might put their hand on your shoulder and make the link and impact stronger…soon enough you have forgotten what you have seen and walk away. Mesmerism can be used for different purposes, depending on what the vampire has in mind.

Awareness Flipping

Awareness flipping is being able to see from a slightly different point of view to where they are at the time. It's like going from a first person point of view, to a third person view. When they flip their awareness, it is said to be possible to even see behind them, but this is more of a self-defense ability when threatened or in danger, so they can see what danger lurks around them. This ability is mostly first experienced by accident when the vampire has been grabbed from behind.


When a vampire feeds, they must shield themselves from any energy or emotion they do not want to feel. If the vampire is feeding from someone who is angry and depressed, the last thing the vampire wants is to be left feeling angry and depressed also. Shielding is building up their aura or energy field, which can filter through the flow of energy being leeched. Shielding can also protect against other vampires who are trying to attack or feed from them. Empathic vampires, who are a slightly different breed, can tune into the aura and break through the shield, so it's important for a vampire to also keep tuning their aura.

Increased strength

Since vampires are able to control the energy in and around their bodies, they are able to boost their strength. This is also a natural defense if attacked or threatened. The energy that is released and surges through their body boosts their strength to double or more.

Increased sight

Another added bonus for the vampire is increased sight, should they need it. They are able to read street signs etc. from a greater distance. A vampire's eyesight can also have a night vision ability to it, but this also depends on the breed of vampire.

Feeding by Dream Walking

With dream walking, they are able to travel to you in their energy forms, and enter your dreams; even manipulate them to their will. If they are powerful enough, they can also feed from you using their "energy" body, which is known as a hag attack.


Wearing copper, such as a copper ring, can boost a vampire's feeding ability. They are able to feed on those around them a little easier if they are wearing copper, whereas silver is the opposite because it is an inhibitor and is used to help stop the flow of energy.

Speed and Agility

The Psychic Vampire can move at such high speeds, although they can sometimes be caught by the naked eye as just a blur. They are so fast that they can also excel at any sport, and they are natural climbers and love to sit up high and view everything from above. They have the ability to levitate (leave the ground), when they choose to as well, which increases speed.

Sexual Appetite

Most Psychic Vampires have an insatiable sexual appetite and, while they can control it, they love the sexual energy (the most powerful form of energy Aleister Crowley believed), from which they can feed and feel rejuvenated. They are extremely sexual beings with great allure (their sexual energy draws people in), and are reportedly able to put any human man's stamina and sexual abilities to shame."


What does it feel like after an Energy Vampire feeds on you?

If the feeding is consensual then the Energy Vampire will take only small amounts of energy from another. This may still leave someone feeling tired, but not drained and ill.

If the feeding is not consensual and if the Energy Vampire chooses to feed heavily on their victim, the person will feel lethargic, unwell, and may even experience dizziness and nausea. If the Energy Vampire is particularly sadistic and chooses to feed upon someone whose energy is already compromised due to illnesses such as depression or hypoglycemia, then the person's life may actually be put in jeopardy or worse.

How do Energy Vampires take your energy?

Just like the blood draining vampire in Bram Stoker's famous novel, Dracula, Energy Vampires are extremely charming, very charismatic, and have an incredible allure about them (they are attractive and they are able to easily draw most people to them); some compare them with the same personality types of cult leaders and politicians.

Once you are close to an Energy Vampire, they connect with your energy field, and they begin to feed from it, unless you are among those who know how to protect yourself.

Psychic Self-Defense

Protecting your energy from Energy Vampires and other beings (as well as extremely negative people who also have a draining effect on your essence), first involves strengthening your Aura. Your Aura is the energy field that you give off or exude, and it comes from your life force; not your blood, but from that power which animates your body (the soul, spirit, or whatever term you prefer: it is the spiritual part of you).

By strengthening your aura you surround yourself with a protective barrier. Energy Vampires and other negative entities, spirits, and beings will feel that barrier to accessing your energy and either move on to someone else, or try to break it down. In order to keep your barrier strong, you must take steps to maintain that barrier and to reinforce it with additional protection if necessary. How to do all of this is information that is surprisingly easy to find. However, this type of self-protection requires your commitment, dedication, and some very focused work.

"Protection Techniques

Fortunately, highly effective strategies are now available to prevent a psychic vampire attack, or once it's underway, to promptly end it. These laboratory tested strategies can also promote healing and repair damage to the energy system resulting from long-term vampire assaults. They can even be used effectively by psychic vampires provided they are motivated to overcome their energy addiction.

One of the most effective protection procedures known is the Finger Interlock Technique. Developed in our labs, this technique is easy to implement, and its effects are instant. To begin this technique, simply bring together the tips of your thumb and middle finger of each hand to form two circles. Then, bring your hands together to form interlocking circles while envisioning your body enveloped in a bright sphere of impenetrable energy. Finally, relax your hands and simply affirm, "I am now energized and fully protected." This simple, inconspicuous technique requires only seconds and can be used almost any time or place. With practice, you can use the finger interlock gesture alone as a cue to instantly activate the effects of the full procedure."


Is any of this really truth?

Ah...but the truth is always for you to decide; your truth.

For those of you interested in learning more about protecting yourselves, and about Psychic/Energy Vampires, you will find a list of references for this article below, along with a video featuring Michelle Bellanger (a Positive Energy Vampire), and other links that you may find helpful.

In Conclusion: Are Psychic Vampires Evil? Are Their Spirits Human?

No. Psychic Vampires are what they are just as other human beings are what they are. Their nature is to feed on energy, just as humans feed on animals and plants (and Psychic Vampires eat food, of course, as well to sustain their human bodies. Like people or any beings, Psychic Vampires are also unique in that they are individuals; they have unique personalities too and so some will be positive and some with be negative (kind, compassionate, generous, amicable, or angry, sadistic, uncaring, withdrawn; and then like all beings, there are those that fall somewhere in the middle of this spectrum). Feeding on the energy of others is a must to survive; deciding how they do that, depends on the Vampire.

Psychic/Energy Vampires are Human in body, mind and spirit, they are simply a different type of Human-Being. Astral Vampires (which would require another article to cover), are not in Human form.

References & Links (search: Michelle Belanger)


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