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You are what you eat, and then some

Opening up fully wellness
Opening up fully wellness
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In most cases, when we think about healthy living and what that means, the considerations of food and exercise come into play. As focus has come to the relationship of diet and exercise with a healthy lifestyle over the last number of decades, it is virtually impossible not to be aware of this correlation.

Aspects of living well that do not get as much exposure or discussion in mainstream outlets are those relating to the importance of energetic principals—mindful breathing, setting of intentions, positive thought, evaluation of the internal negative judgments relating to lack, and distinguishing between “responding” to an issue rather than “reacting” it. There is a lot to be said for quieting your mind and the effect it has on your well-being.

Breathe well. On most days, most people suspend and slow the breath. This becomes a guarded and protective habit in response to external stimuli at work, home, in traffic, etc. If you take note of your breath, you will likely find that the inhale goes no further than the upper chest with a shallow exhale following. Coupled with that shallow breath is suspension of the breath. This locks you up and keeps full energy from making it throughout your body. To counter this, a few times a day, focus on taking in a full breath and sending it beyond the upper chest to fill the lungs and expand the belly. Reverse the complete breath and empty it out on the exhale.

Experiment with setting intentions. If you want something, announce it (this can be an internal announcement), just let it be decisive and reinforced with a knowing that you deserve whatever it is you are staking your claim on. Do not be meek and timid about it, be strong and bodacious. You deserve for your life to go the way you want it!

Induce positive thought into your present. Things do not always have to be a disappointment. If you try something and it does not work out, try again. If you stumble and fall, get back up. Altering your perception of an occurrence is a large part of how you interpret the situation. What you see as a failure at face value, can be re-evaluated to simply indicate that another method should be tried in order to achieve that which you want.

Examine the negative and let it go. If you find your mind in constant chatter about what you do not have, or that what you have not being good enough, do some soul searching and examine the source of this criticism. Once you are aware of the origination of these thoughts, it is easier to tame them and begin the work of releasing them.

Respond to conflict instead of reacting to it. If you have an issue with someone, or find yourself rubbed the wrong way by something, instead of instantly lashing out, try to compose your thoughts before responding. Do not let something or someone “make” you mad. Take control and evaluate what has happened, why you are bothered, and how to reconcile it.

You have the ability to take charge of your wellness and make changes or alignments to get you there. Keep in mind that deciding not to make adjustments or improvements, or procrastinating to do so, is a decision in itself. If you find that you need support along the way, you can look for Meet Up groups ( with similar goals and interests as yours, or you can look for self-paced online courses or guided meditations at

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