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You are too stupid

You must be protected from yourself, you are too stupid
You must be protected from yourself, you are too stupid
By Randy Pope

You need to be protected from yourself and a free market.

The prevailing sentiment in Akron, Ohio, and indeed across the country today is that consumers and workers are too stupid to be trusted to make good decisions in a free market place. As a result all knowing, infinitely wise, legislators from city hall, to Columbus and Washington are standing in the gap to protect consumers and workers from themselves and the wicked robber barons, whose only purpose in life is to cheat the little guy. You are too stupid to protect yourself from yourself how can you possibly be trusted to stand up to protect yourself from your evil boss?

Just think about this for a minute. Every one of you has been suckered by a barker at the fair, or an infomercial that promises almost magical powers from their product. Most of you have purchased something from a slick salesman, who wowed you with his presentation, that you did not really need. It may have even been a good product that did everything you were told it would do, but it was something that you really didn't want or need. Who hasn't purchased a lemon when buying some big ticket item? The automobile that had problems from the time you purchased it or the washing machine that wouldn't cycle through after the fifth load. You really are too stupid to be trusted with a free market system.

You can be thankful that your representatives have passed laws to make you buckle up, and buckle your child into a car seat, and to not leave your child in a hot car while you go to the bar, or shop. And be thankful they have made it mandatory to send your child to school, and of course they were good enough to get your neighbor, who has no kids, to pay for yours to get an eduction too. And there are a myriad of work place rules which protect you when you would have never decided to protect yourself. It is a good thing your representatives are so much smarter than you. You are too stupid to do these things on your own.

Your representatives in Washington were smart enough to know you wouldn't save enough money to provide for yourself in retirement, voila, Social Security. They knew you would never set enough money back to provide for yourself in case of a layoff, poof, unemployment compensation. Of course they had to protect you from your own stupidity when you are hurt on the job due to your own lack of due diligence, they provided you with workman's comp. If you think about it your representatives have made Unions obsolete. The voluntary Union was the free market answer to dealing with work place safety and tensions between labor and management. Your representatives have dealt with those problems. Unions are no longer necessary, therefore your representative has made it mandatory that you join the union whether you want union representation or not. It's a good thing your representatives are protecting you from a free market system.

You cannot possibly be expected to learn proper safety measures, and of course your boss would never have any reason to provide any kind of safety measures or equipment. You should never be expected to research your purchases yourself. You're too busy. You need to keep up with the latest gossip from Hollywood and the statistics of your favorite ball club.

Because you, or one of your neighbors have experienced a failure a law must be enacted by your all knowing all caring representatives to avoid all future failures. A free market system is too scary. It takes too much work and requires too much responsibility on your part. The benevolent tyranny of the brilliant, righteous, people whom you elect to protect you is much more desirable than the freedom to fail, or succeed, inherent in a free market system. You are too stupid to function in a free market system, it sure is a good thing you are smart enough to elect representatives who are smart enough to protect you from yourself and all of your stupid neighbors.

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