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You are the one you have been waiting for

It’s passing through, or it’s bubbling up, or it belongs to somebody else’s. Allow everyone to generate what they came here with. To make the future, don’t think about the negative, set your goal. Your now will catch up to your new picture for your future. This is what is here for you now.

Forget about what happened in the past, It was a learning experience, It has been. Let what is by-gone be by-gone. No one has a problem unless they make the problem up and they give it to you. It’s not authentic. You are only here to share. You are not transmitting that energy any more.

When you let love guide you, you also have to start increasing your self-esteem Am I going to tolerate this? Why hand over your power? When you stop externalizing your power, the guru is you and the power is you. It’s all about changing your perception. You must decide to not place yourself in an area where there is not harmonious energy. When you stop being mean to yourself and step into you truth 100-percent you change your reality. You become more passionate. You stop taking it personally.

A thin line between love and hate People see you growing and expanding. You are smiling back and getting energy from the love you are sharing. Karma gives everyone a job of infinite expression and for some the job is simply to hold up a mirror for others. Do not take the negative energy within but simply allow the mean people to see the contrast.

The main point here is to see that we are individuals Like a someone who catches their lover cheating. The shocking moral of that lesson is to learn that you are a separate entity. You have your own ideas, gifts and dreams to share and give to the world. In the aftermath of betrayal, you don’t see the cup of love still standing, the testing time in a relationship. Though the release of the truth is painful it breaks the blind cocoon of being in love and totally merged with another. Betrayal can mean to betray your own self.

Betrayal is a difficult passage but a frequent aspect of deepening the relationship All is not lost and there is definitely a solid foundation left to build upon. Lovers should now know that they love each other not the fantasy of each other. The lover her spied on the other to find out what was going on feels regret and pain. The other lover realizes that the ‘image’ of living up to unreal expectations is not possible. They are both able to come back down to earth and see each other for who they really are. Sadness, remorse and separation can occur but there is still love enough left when both leave the ego in the clouds. It is up to them to take up the challenge of the future. Through testing and disappointment we grow together in love.

Therefore the lover who spied must come to realize the love is true and deeply felt The possibilities are endless. Both parties must accept the limitations of a reality. The broken heart serves as a negative and a positive function the “double face” catapults the relationship into growth and out of boredom and bondage.

Sudden changes are a part of life Just as the male figure sits uncomfortably by the essential feminine female, the reverse is also true, clinging to unmovable superhuman perfection with faith in high ideals also rejects life, and against the defense of being human and vulnerable to hurt. We learn life is impermanent, forever destroying and recreating itself. We see this part of life whenever two warring parts of us meet each other and at least resolve to have inner peace. We want to project our conflict on others in the outside because we become uncomfortable battling something which is really within ourselves.

The discovery of self is really a journey in meeting opposites of you A glimpse of something mysterious and elusive, the unknown “bridegroom.” It’s the unconscious relationship everyone wishes for, whether it be lovers, friends, co-workers, brothers, and the like. What happens when the unconscious relationship is broken?

When you are diving deep you have limited amounts of health or power and strength The task of growing can be hard and it can be scary. A crisis in relationship is a liminal period f transition. Learning to master strengths that you may not feel particularly connected to your meaning. Trust emerges when you are willing to die to the old, to be vulnerable and have faith. Your own human abilities can only take you so far and the soul must reconnect. The resulting transition happens when we lose a love or we lose the ability to love.

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