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You are someone's secure base

A secure base is a person, goal, or thing to which people bond in very special ways. People who have strong secure bases tend to be more resilient in dealing with stressful events at the workplace and in life. A secure base can provide people with protection and comfort as well as be a source of energy and motivation. According to Kohlreiser (2006), secure bases that promote high self-esteem usually include attachments to people and attachments to goals. Secure bases can create success by teaching people that they can trust others. In addition, secure bases are useful in providing people with the feeling of safety, freedom, encouragement, and protection Today’s organizations face frequent changes which can result in people feeling their secure bases are not there. Continuous change may create an environment where people have difficulty with attachment and feel separation often. Leaders must create a culture in the workplace where the leader serves as a secure base for the followers. This can be accomplished by creating a climate of trust and a social system of secure bases within the organization. Leaders who are able to serve as secure bases and create a climate that promotes high self-esteem tend to display a joyful attitude and create a feeling of happiness. These leaders also tend to display a balance between giving and receiving energy. In addition leaders who serve as secure bases seek new opportunities and challenges as well as show the ability to give and receive positive compliments. The following tips can help leaders develop their ability to be a secure base for others: • Make connections because good relationships are important • Keep things in perspective • Nurture a positive view of others • Be a mentor Baggerly-Hinojosa (2010). Are You a 10? The Ten Characteristics of a Servant Leader. USA:Lulu Press. Kohlreiser, G. (2006). Hostage at the Table. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.