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You are powerful beyond measure

The truth about who you are has been around you your whole life. Sacred teaches throughout the history of mankind told us over and again who and what we are in relationship to Creator and to all that is created. We have just not been listening. Instead we have heard the messages by those in religious and political control who would have us believe that GOD is outside of us and that we are powerless and worthless. The great truth is that we are able to create ourselves to experience any state of being that we give attention to.

Where does this power comes from you might be asking. We are told in the Bible, “Know you not that you are gods”. It is also stated “the Father and I are one.” “ It is not I who doeth is to work but the Father in me”. These statements give us a deep insight into who and what we are. There's truth in the statements that if taken at face value and understood will change your life in an instant. These statements point to a spiritual truth, a law, that has been overlooked for centuries due to the control of religions and governments.

For all those of you who love conspiracies this is the ultimate conspiracy. Mankind created to be the image and likeness of the creator but believing himself to be the least of all creations. Who is responsible for this travesty? Man himself must take responsibility for his low state as it is his own thoughts and his own beliefs which has brought him into such a place. Once one believes that he is less than GOD and separate from GOD life experiences are continually created from this low state of being.

When you realize that you are the same as Creative Energy that brought you into existence , that you have power and control through this very energy running through you, not only will your state of mind change your state of being will as well . By spending time meditating on this truth you'll transform yourself into the experience of being who you really are. This is the truth, the real secret about the law of attraction. This is spiritual law, you are Spirit. Once you grasp understanding of the powerful spiritual being which indeed you truly are, your life will take on new meaning as you experience yourself as life expanding. You are powerful beyond measure, you just don't know it. Open yourself to these truths by meditating on these principles.

Be who you are.

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