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You are fired

Services not required
Services not required
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Your services are no longer needed, you’re let go, the company is downsizing. You are given notice that will change your life and lifestyle. What do you do now?

Emotions may range from anger and humiliation to depression. Questions can besiege you. How are you going to pay your bills? Do you have enough in savings? Your ego may take the biggest hit. What will you tell others?

It’s natural to feel shock and even panic. One of the first things you can do for yourself is to take several deep breaths and calm your mind.

Sit down and write what problems you need to consider. Writing a plan helps you focus and bring out ideas you may have never considered.

If you are not in immediate need for funds, take some time to rest and contemplate before gearing up for the next phase.

If you have to jump right back into the job market, it is still necessary to take care of yourself. Stress and worry will not secure you a job sooner.

Do you have the money to pay your bills and for how long? If not, contact your creditors and let them know your situation. Today, many creditors have payment plans.

Exercise is an important part of a recovery routine, set aside time each day. It builds stamina and will help lift your spirits.

Engage in some activity you’ve been putting off because of your work or take time out for family matters, visit loved ones. Enjoy the outdoors, play, explore.

Volunteer your time in some cause. It takes the focus off your problems. You will meet new people and that means possible new contacts.

Job hunting
Be sure you have all your business contacts in your personal phone or laptop. Company phones or laptops have to stay with the business.

Can you use any of your skills to enter a different field? If you have family or friends you can discuss ideas with, brain storm. What did you do on the job? List everything you can think of.

Some jobs ask for credentialed qualifications, can you use your experience instead of schooled credentials?

Use on-line resources, temp agencies and your network. Many jobs are never advertised, recruiters can help you find these jobs.

Take a class to give you more skills or learn a new skill. Employers like to see initiative. It is also a way to network.

How to tell others
Honesty really is the best policy and other friends and family may have a contact that can help you. Many people have experienced what you are going through as companies downsize, or merge with other companies or for whatever reason you are let go.

Find a support group. Sharing may open a new avenue you haven’t explored yet. Again, it is another way to network.

Keep focus on the positive and be prepared to enter your next phase.

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