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You are craving Chipotle

Cameron Burns was craving Chipotle 2/5/14, 12:49 PM reports Twitter.

Smoking is a craving
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Food cravings
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According to Huffington post: "The fast-growing burrito chain said sales at restaurants open at least 13 months, a closely watched gauge of industry performance, rose 9.3 percent during the fourth quarter, better than the analyst estimate for a 6.7 percent gain compiled by Consensus Metrix."

What do you do when you cannot afford to have your cravings. Like the end of the month or a week before you get paid. Cravings come at any time in any place.

"Wait 15 minutes. Challenge yourself to read a magazine, listen to music, or play your favorite game for 15 minutes. Cravings only last a few minutes!"-

The exact cause of cravings is still under research. What we can pinpoint are times when people have those cravings. We may deduct that it may be triggers if you smoke. Or like Aamina a mother now who had intense cravings during her pregnancy.

"Marinated anchovies. My boyfriend had to pry the pack out of my hands at the checkout when we went shopping. I honestly had tears in my eyes because I wanted them so much." Aamina

+4 Mental & +2 Physical: Cravings seem to pair with triggers very well. The challenge for this article is to share a craving and how you arrived at this place. Were you able to resist it?

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