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You are both cause and effect

You are both the cause and the effect. You are what I make of what I become. There is nothing else. It is simple and yet it is complex. Where I stand is holy ground and where you recognize Me our steps align together.

In the skies above the majesty of creation is revealed all around.
In the skies above the majesty of creation is revealed all around.
Skies above
Moon rise

And these words that I command you this day to remember them well for they are to become your watchwords when you awaken or go on your way or when you meditate or work throughout the day and then even unto evening when you slumber so too will they be in your heart.

Everything comes from this understanding of cause and effect and its unification within all that I call my own which is by definition everything. This entire reality that you witness and interact with there for the purpose of teaching you My way and elevating you from actor to director to producer to the original writer of the screenplay in which you live your lives.

What we can learn is that thoughts occur at different frequencies and that their relationships are what matter; whether they are harmonious or not. These relationship are what build the associations either of unity or dissolution and it is these qualities of unity or dissolution that we must be concerned with in terms of concentrating upon the holiness that we are trying to achieve in life.

A musical analogy will describe the meanings here. Take a few notes perhaps four or five and play them together. If they are in the right combinations then the sound is harmonious; if not the sound is dissonant and sometimes a cacophony just a shade above sheer noise. The choice of what notes to choose depends upon the relationships each note forms with the other notes of the chord. Some dissonance may be okay as long as it is tempered by an underlying harmony. However if there is all dissonance the musicality of the sound is degraded accordingly.

In similar fashion our thoughts contain within themselves the same functionality. Our intention is to seek harmonies that resonate throughout consciousness and conversely to walk away from dissipate those which promote dissonance. It is a simple process of choice that is ongoing.

All along the questions are the same. Which way will our thoughts turn? Will it be to worry or to certainty? Choose in your wanderings to come home to the source of all that is becoming. In this way every place becomes holy ground. That is the answer you see to recognize that unity in everything and then accept it as being a part of what you are. In the final analysis cause and effect are one thing.

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