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You are a Treasure in God's Kingdom!

   Why do we carry around so much guilt and shame about our past, about church, about being around other believers? Some denominations have an obligation to attend church every Sunday. Some denominations have other rules and laws for their folks to abide by. Some denominations are strict, others not so much. What keeps you out of church? Is it rules, laws, fear, shame or the 'holier than thou' folks? Do those folks add to our confusion and fear about walking through the front doors of a church? Do we feel we are unworthy because of our past failures? We need to begin to understand, that we are forgiven of the things we have confessed, because of Christ dying on the Cross for all of us!

   We should be encouraged and strong. We should be able to hold our heads high. We should be able to do these things because we are walking with Christ! We should have no guilt, no shame, no sense of failure, no regrets because we are no less a child of God than all those 'holier than thou' folks.

   Once you realized you have sinned you need to ask for forgiveness. God's love and mercy for us, are like the waves in the ocean, it just keeps coming and washing over us. These feelings of guilt and shame are because we feel unworthy to be in church in the presence of God. We feel inadequate. If you have a relationship with Christ that person sitting next to you in church isn't the only one enjoying those waves of love and mercy. That person sitting next to you doesn't hold the secret to Jesus Christ. The 'holier than thou' folks don't have the 'red phone' to Jesus. Guess what? We all have the hotline to Christ!

   Romans 3:23-24  For all have sinned; all fall short of God's glorious standard. Yet now God in his gracious kindness declares us not guilty. He has done this through Christ Jesus, who has freed us by taking away our sins.

   Do not feel guilt and shame any longer! Find yourself a good church and sit right up front! You are no less a child of God than anyone else under that church roof! I pray this has encouraged you. I pray you know you are a special treasure in the Kingdom of God! You are special my friend! Do not let anyone else make you feel otherwise. You are a treasure! Grace and Peace my friends! In Christ,  Steve