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You are a soul having a human experience...

I AM Love
Ashley Davene

Being spiritual is who you are, not “what” you are…

I had this huge epiphany moment… years into/after going out on limbs and saying no to a life of “conformity” in order to persue my artistic talents and to be a very “spiritual person”… I learned a lot during that time period… I had a lot of fun, I supported a lot of artists… went to a lot of very “conscious” events (note that the subtitles are to indicate that all of these terms/labels are really based on perception..) I also incurred a lot of hardship, debt, damage, etc… all the while my character was being refined and tested …buffed like a pebble rolling down the river, smoothing out the rough edges, letting go of the stories… watching them surface like bubbles only to dissolve or pop…the consistency remaining…me, my heart beat, each breath in every moment, grounding in… Finding myself in all of those moments and an important realization…

Flash forward many years, finding me back where I started….in new ways, life coming full circle, and me choosing things that I previously let go of such as a new car with a car payment and a stable job (doing something I love, side note, going to a healthy environment doing something you like is very different then hating your life everyday…particularly when it comes with things like health insurance and a nice pay check at the end of every week…) all things that I didn’t see the value in, or was labeling on some level as taking me away from my quest to be a spiritual person…. This is cramping my style as an artist I would think…etc.

What I see now is that peace is found in the indifference in not constantly tipping the scales and saying this is better than that, or that is better than this, or this is “spiritual” but that isn’t…. when he fact of the matter is… it just IS… this whole space is “spiritual” we ARE spirit as we all leave these bodies behind at some point or another when we cross over anyway, taking only our soul with us. We are spiritual being having a human experience….. how many times have I heard that? And yet just NOW…. I get it…. Spirituality is not my action steps – it’s not my life looking this way, or that… those are all side effects… similarly to how doing yoga, or wearing ten feathers does not make a spiritual person, or a person who is at peace… those things are internally driven. Spirituality is who I am in every moment… and my job is to show up… to follow my heart. And to not make myself “wrong” or right even… I just am…

So my past was not wrong, It was perfect… as is my present, and one day my future… I get to be “spiritual” in a traffic jam, in the office, on my lunch break, I get to be spiritual when I choose love and kindness and to see the bigger picture and that ALL roads lead back to love, and that we may never know everything that’s going on here so the safest space to be is one that is free of judgment.

So keep the scales in balance, and be a great person…. Just because, no matter where you are, or what you are doing.

On a side note it's also funny because now without the stress of getting the bills paid, and with the money's adding up in my savings from my arts... I seem to be more inspired and motivated then ever before however, in a way that is healthy, and in balance.

by Ashley Davene

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