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You and your pet can make a difference

Pet Therapy
Pet Therapy
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I bet you didn’t know that your pet can volunteer and help others. It’s called pet therapy. No, it’s not therapy for your pet, it’s therapy to help patients recovering from or coping with a health problem or mental disorder. Just imagine spending time with your pet while brightening someone’s day. Pet therapy is used in hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers, schools, etc. Mostly dogs and cats are used, but rabbits, guinea pigs, horses and other animals can volunteer. Want to find out more? Here are a couple of local places where you and your pet can volunteer:

Haven Hospice Pet Visit Volunteers. If your pet is trained (training is provided) as a pet therapy animal, you can take your pet to visit patients in the in-patient care centers of Haven Hospice. Some patients who have entered hospice have had to leave their pets or have been too ill to have pets. You can share your best friend with someone and brighten their day. Click HERE for more information.

UF Health Pet Visitation. Pets brighten the day of everyone they meet. They give unconditional love and support. They also don’t notice IVs, bandages, burns or dressing gowns and they can make even a hospital feel a little more like home. UF Health Pet Visitation is looking for dogs and pet visitation volunteers who are willing to give two hours weekly or bi-weekly to ease patient’s stay at Shands Hospital. Click HERE for more information.

If you are looking for a way you and your pet can spend some quality time bringing happiness to others, pet visitation is for you! Check out these opportunities and start making a difference in your community.

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