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You and the night and the Sushi.... at Ocean Restaurant in Bayville

I recently visited the Crescent Club in Bayville to dine at the Ocean Seafood restaurant. The Crescent Club has undergone a fabulous re-invention and transformation over the past two years. The Crescent is now back to the former stunningly beautiful venue it had been in past years. A new management team headed by COO Matt Silver, and a diverse menu with excellent food, has put Ocean on a fast track to becoming one of the top seafood restaurants on the north shore.

Ocean offers a full range of seafood, steak pasta, along with lobster, crabcakes, salmon, scallops and a fabulous array of sushi rolls.

We began our neptunian culinary journey with a couple of seafood appetizers from ocean's regular menu:

New England Clam Chowder- A creamy white chowder with large pieces of clam throughout- A meal in itself...

Crab Cake- A large burger sized portion filled with white and grey crabmeat, salsa verde, red pepper coulis, popcorn shoots- Big, tasty and enjoyable.

Before our entrees, we ordered : An authentic Caesar Salad- with anchovies, parmesan house croutons, Made the way I like it. Creamy with lots of parmesan cheese.

We decided to have the best of both world's....A broiled two pound lobster, with summer vegetables and potatoes from their lobster night menu and an assortment of sushi rolls from Mr. Lee's fabulous sushi menu.

I ordered a spicy crunchy red dragon roll- made with crab, avocado, cucumber, and spicy crunch- The rolls were great to look at and fabulous to eat. Extra large, crunchy and absolutely delicious with a little wasabi and soy sauce.

A exotically beautiful "rainbow roll- made with salmon, tuna and shrimp

A chef's crunchy combination -spicy crunch red dragon roll and six pieces of sashimi.

The 2 Lb lobster was totally devoured as the lobster meat was pink and juicy and totally delicious.

Eating sushi and sashimi and lobster on the outdoor porch overlooking the beach and sea is simply sublime. The amazing rainbow colored sunsets, and the outstanding decor and food offer an incredibly romantic setting.

After our stellar sushi feast and a sensational lobster we finished off our seafood extravaganza with a trio of homemade chipwich's. A pecan chocolate chip cookie w/hazelnut ice cream, a chocolate chip cookie with dark chocolate ice cream, and an oreo chip cookie with vanilla bean ice cream. A super sweet ending to a fabulous seafood feast!

Kudos to Matt and his hardworking, energetic and terrific wait staff. Congratulations to Mr. Lee and his simply sensational Sushi and sashimi creations.

Ocean Restaurant at the Crescent Club, 333 Bayville Avenue, Bayville, L.I. 11709 tel: 516-628-3330

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