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YoSo review

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Yoso is a family based company only a stone’s throw away in Cambridge, On, with strong values based on mindfulness of how their actions affect those they share life with. As well as being dairy-free, they are also gluten free. They offer yogurt in perfectly blended flavours of blueberry, strawberry and vanilla that serve as a delicious and smooth tasting snack, that help you feel both nourished and treated. They also have dips and spreads that add flavour to any meal. YoSo helps build and support their community by employing people in the local area and supporting the family life of those workers. In respect to the environment, they place a strong emphasis on ‘reduce’ to help evade the problem displacement that is all to present with the negligence of that ideal. In addition, they source the soybeans organically and from Ontario. Not only does this support the community but it helps maintain a lower carbon footprint, with all of the suppliers of their ingredients (save one), found within a 150km range (a large component of the negative carbon footprint impact comes from the transportation of food). Although they have encountered certain limitations with their packaging due to corporate and consumer power and trends and the subsequent cost, availability and retailer *conditions, they are constantly *evaluating to enable for growth in order to better support their values. As a small, family run business and the challenges that that presents, especially in a time of economic *unease, they advocate their values through their active mindfulness and by being part of the vegan community in a climate and generation that yearns for growth; doing what they can to have a positive impact on the world around them. This is their 10th year, and hopefully we will see them succeed for many years to come. Website:

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